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Processed Foods Are Making Us Sick

Written by: Heather Sumpter
Many of us are so busy that quick, convenient meals feel like the only option. Processed foods have become a staple in the western diet; in fact, they account for 60% of the products we buy at the grocery store1.  360 more words

Should you ice after an injury? Science's definitive answer. 

Yes, it’s a question that has divided nations and torn families apart. In fact, I’m pretty sure this topic is what caused Tasmania to break itself off from the Australian mainland! 341 more words


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Warning: This Is Not A Cleanse

because nobody’s pleasant when they’re hungry…

I am sure by this time of the summer you are feeling the throws of summer socializing. Beach parties, block parties, pool parties, roof-top parties, barbecues, picnics, weddings…. 975 more words


Giorno 290 - Martedì 7 Luglio

Colazione: succo esotico 100%, yogurt greco, kiwi, mirtilli, 2 biscotti al cacao, un paninetto con marmellata
Breakfast: exotic juice, greek yogurt, kiwi, blueberries, 2 cocoa biscuits, some bread with jam… 55 more words

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Medical Care Standards in Space

As the spaceflight industry continues to develop, many civilians are wondering how we can secure the safety and health of space passengers who will witness both physiological and environmental challenges that we do not see here on Earth. 386 more words

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Cures for Hives—Are There Natural Cures for Hives?


Hives are quite mysterious.  They come in the form of red or white raised patches on the skin, and they often itch.  Hives can appear all over the body or only in small patches.  356 more words

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