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Remembering My First Bliss Weekend

It has been eight months since the very first Bliss B4 Laundry weekend took place, eight months of battles, tears, awakenings, more battles and acceptance. Eight months that I wouldn’t trade for anything. 641 more words


Science Summary: Strength and Power (Cardio or Weights Part 6)

This post is a continuation on my series through Alex Hutchinson’s Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights? All of the following questions are taken from this book and the answers are paraphrased from the authors words with my interpretations and thoughts added in. 1,174 more words


Like Herbs&Spices on Facebook

Anyone reading WordPress on MDW (crazy, I know) – I now have a Facebook page for people who like to connect there.


I’ll probably be doing more cool things there that you won’t see on the blog, like sharing relevant news, inspirational memes and links to other cool blogs/workout and food resources.


A Woman of a Certain Age

A women of a certain age…and certain weight… in her right mind….should never take a tap dancing class. They tapped one way – I tapped the other. 657 more words

Adult Development

The Ultimate Avocado Toast.

Hi! You! Yes you! Do you like avocados? Do you enjoy the feeling of dancing tastebuds? Are you a hungry person? Then you NEED this recipe in your life. 86 more words


So you fell off the wagon...now what?

Step one, stop beating yourself up about it. It happens to all of us, especially those of us at the beginning of our transition into healthy living or those of us with a sweet tooth. 418 more words