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We must show more love for the things we own, for their future is our concern” –  Christopher Tambu Herbert

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The Twa (misnamed pygmies) are the Original People of Earth, considered by the Ancient Kemetic people to be closer to God.  In general, the Twa who remain practicing their ancient culture have zero desire for the materialism of the world and for this reason have made many enemies because they won't play the game of material consumption. They have achieved pure oneness with the Earth in a way Europoids could only dream of and make a movie called Avatar.  To this day, the Twa have the secret herbal knowledge to heal all illnesses of the body. This is why they have historically stayed in the rainforest, as guardians of the most sacred herbs. Their average lifespan is 110 years! They can cure Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, and more. However, because the Europoid medical system is a capitalist profit system, it will collapse if the wisdom of the Twa ever reaches mainstream. This is why the Twa were major targets of murder by Europoid colonialists; millions of them were killed within a few years by the Belgian king Leopold once it was discovered that the Twa possessed cures for all illnesses (spreading disease was and is a major tactic of European warfare). All of human physical sickness today comes from disrespecting the wisdom of our First Ancestors, the Twa of Central-East Africa. The Kemetic people worshipped Twa wisdom and deified it as the dwarf god Bes, divinity of protection, wellness, and happiness. #Awareness #dontshoot #ripmikebrown #ferguson #missouri #rightvswrong #policebrutality #trayvonmartin #emmetttill #fuckobama #fuckwhitesupremacy #knowledgeofself #dt #blacklivesmatter #healthoverhabits #unity #arewebuyingblackorwhat #africanhistory #Block #BlackisBeautiful #ICantBreathe (#RepostWhiz app)

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My goodness. I’m a teacher and understand it’s very difficult to “teach” motivation. But damn. I used to be “Ms.Motivated”. I used to LOVE working out.   209 more words


Boost Productivity At Work

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How He Got His Groove Back

Andropause (male menopause) is not a new concept. What IS new is the amount of attention it’s beginning to receive in the media. You can’t watch TV or listen to the radio late at night without hearing a commercial for a product that promises to help him get his groove back. 642 more words

Pleasure Products

Chia breakfast jar: Dessert-like indulgence at 7am

I’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I know it’s true… but rising to a bowl of soggy flakes floating in a bowl of milk hardly gets me excited. 326 more words


Change Your Perspective - Train in the Present Moment

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