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J&A: Allison

Hi friends! I’m Allison and I like warm hugs! Just kidding, but who doesn’t like warm hugs, let’s be honest? Jill is so awesome for letting me be a part of her incredible blog for J&A.  317 more words


Helpful Yoga Poses

 Brought to you by Smart Girls Group

Whatever your health goals and challenges are, adding a few yoga practices can be a great aid.  These are some simple and beneficial poses any level can do. 278 more words


Schizophrenic Carbohydrates

    Back in the day, all dieters worried about was how many calories they consumed each day.  If you ate too many, you would gain weight; if you ate less, you would lose weight; and when you achieved a stable weight, you were taking in the same number of calories as you were burning.  1,947 more words


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True Health & Wellness Update

We are proud to finally have our exterior sign installed and looking great!

We hope it will be easier now to find us from the road, and let the community know where we are and some of the things we have to offer. 42 more words



After the post “Stay Motivated by Recording Your Progress,” we received some great feedback. This comment, in particular, stood out from the rest, and is worth sharing!   114 more words

Healthy Families

Nopales? Dandelions? Pesky Weeds or Super Foods?

I am not from the Southwest or any hot desert like climate but, from what I understand nopales are the equivalent to the dandelion of the Northeast. 879 more words


Mate Fit Me

In this life, I like to believe everyone is entitled to their addictions, and mine consist of this, short list:

1. NEW YORK, NY – Isn’t my love affair with this amazing city quite obvious? 660 more words