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Lentils Recharge the Adrenal Glands

Have Lentils to Recharge the Adrenal Glands.

Lentils are packed with copper and manganese – two minerals that you  might not find an adequate amount in your daily vitamins. 102 more words


"Today is a happy day"

For a mere $140, an enterprising young man on a New York subway train pulled off a wonderful “Pay It Forward” stunt.

Watch, and smile at how an individual willed happiness upon his fellow New Yorkers…!



The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases. (Carl Jung)

As a person who has been obsessed with mental health, wellness, psychology, and yoga ever since I learned about them, I value the way that meditation and yoga help a person’s mental health.

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Delicious "Royal" Cabbage

Two things that I absolutely LOVE are colorful food and bacon. The combination of them both, is like a shimmy to my soul. Last week I was lucky enough to scoop up some purple cabbage from the Commissary, and I absolutely adore the visual of purple cabbage. 152 more words


Schedule updates

I think all the spring breaks are finally over! Yay! In case you missed it, I have a new Fri 9:30am class plus some other ways to find me the next few weeks: 32 more words

Ginger Lemonade

Let us introduce you to a new twist old a classic and a new favorite ingredient – lemonade with fresh ginger root. Whether you’re a cooking newbie, or a gourmet chef, you’ll appreciate this recipe. 151 more words


Sustainability, the Environment, & our Diets

What makes a diet sustainable? First, we’ll need to discuss it as it relates to health and to the environment.

The word “sustainable” may be defined as something 1. 277 more words