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A few weeks ago a close friend of mine asked me how I stayed motivated to work out and eat healthy. The question caught me off guard and I didn’t have an immediate answer. 673 more words


Daylight savings time, March 8, 2015

Daylight saving time can be a problem for sleep-deprived

Sunday’s start of Daylight Saving Time will throw off the clock only by an hour, but that’s enough to leave people feeling groggy for a day or two, sleep expert say. 427 more words


The Cheater's Diet

Ah yes.  Interesting theory for sure.  I can see both sides to this diet, but I think that’s exactly what it is; a diet, not a lifestyle change.   388 more words


It's all in your perspective

The power of the mind has always been fascinating to me…There is no doubt in my mind that we are intelligently designed.  The minds ability to take a negative life event and change the outlook into something positive so that the negative event no longer is a hindrance but becomes a driving force towards accomplishing your goals is simply AMAZING!   171 more words


Buddha Bowls! Ommm!

Yum! Need something healthy, good for you, filling, quick, and have a bunch of hodge podge left in the refrigerator that you need to use up. 420 more words


I love sugary packaged snacks, drinks and pastries. This was the reason why my friends call me the ‘Dessert Girl’. I must say that my love for sugar and poor diet took a toll in my body that I gained as much as 198 lbs.

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Sauna For Health

Living Longer By Visiting The Sauna

New research coming out of Finland may suggest that visiting the sauna more regularly can help men live longer. 227 more words