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Pampering through the post

Following on from my theme of little boxes of goodness delivered to your door (see Hello Fresh!), I thought I would sing the praises of Birchbox. 239 more words




This is my new blog site for my daily, short motivational videos.

Why did I create this page?

I whole heartedly believe that everyone deserves to feel happy and motivated in their everyday life. 251 more words

Intake vs. Output

I’m noticing lately how much I apologize.  I apologize in texts, in emails, in person.  I was just lying in the bath (one of my most favorite and most effective ways to unwind) and I was apologizing in my head as I crafted an email response to someone I haven’t been very good at reaching out to this year…and who has been quite good at reaching out to me (hi Mike!).   623 more words


Are Supplements Worth It?

Approximately 150 million Americans use supplements with 79% of people consume dietary supplements on a daily basis and 10% take five or more per day. Despite being regulated by the Food and Drug Administration for product safety and the Federal Trade Commission for advertising, supplement manufacturers have been able to sell and claim their products’ capabilities of improving overall health, prevent disease, and assist in weight loss without being tested for safety and efficacy. 501 more words


I'm drinking something delicious....

I am not a huge fan of juice based diets as they are so high in sugar but I do think that juicing is a great way to ensure that you are getting all of the nutrients you need into your diet.  147 more words


10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Sweat

While it’s not something you necessarily want showing under your arms while they’re in a white tailored shirt, there’s a lot of cool facts behind sweat. 704 more words


Essential Essentials and Silly Faces: Beauty from a PT perspective

Beauty is…what? Definitions and characteristics are individually tailored. In yoga today, the presentation of beauty was the topic for thought. Essentially, we are beauty. The soul is beauty, and in our connectedness we are beautiful. 970 more words

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