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No Questions Asked

The day I let my mother go, I cried and cried from the bottom of my heart and at the top of my lungs, feeling sick to my stomach and short of breath. 465 more words


Hello and Welcome!

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Sherman.

How and why the information in this site is significant falls into two separate categories. 367 more words




My name is Paulina and I created this blog mainly to upload my original story titled “In the darkness”. I will add character profiles for reference, a link to timeline (once I make it readable) and chapters, that are (hopefully) after beta-read. 144 more words




Welcome to LIFE by amc.

I’ve created this website to provide teenagers with relevant articles that are accessible and sophisticated. Too often, I find myself reading T-Vogue, and losing brain cells. 98 more words



Welcome to my blog! This will be about my journey through my preparation of joining the United States Navy. Feel free to share my posts and ask me anything! Cheers!


I guess this is a hi...

I think posting things on the internet can be a dangerous and dumb thing to do. Well. When it comes to personal information, but I also think that in our generation the internet is a way for people to express themselves in way they couldn’t years ago. 237 more words


Where's the Line?

There’s a line somewhere that divides the bubble wrapping¬†parents from the rest of us. Somewhere there’s a line separating the over protective parent from the barely¬†protective. 456 more words

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