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Welcome To My Blog.

Hello guys, welcome to my blog. I am really excited to have this new platform to communicate with all of you. Here you can find everything that I am involved in and with in one place, so… 24 more words


One liner Wednesday...


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Hello Internet! Here's the deal.

Hello, Internet.

I am Jester Merit Pear, but you can call me Jester. We will get along, I can tell.

Welcome to the site! Here is a place where I review literature on a somewhat regular basis. 387 more words



The announcement of the presidential election results was followed with PEACE.

Most of the prediction of anarchy emanated from foreigners; there is none of that. 569 more words


Welcome To My Life...

I have tried to envision how the reclusive authors survived. All that silence, broken only by occasional sound. Sure, if they liked music (and some surely did), they could listen to records. 393 more words


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"But I need the distraction of someone talking to me and interacting with me. It makes me feel like I truly exist." I think we all feel that way man. Well said. -OM Note: Comments disabled here, please visit their blog.

Getting started

Hello world!

So I created this page mostly to track my progress with the writing of my novels related to the universe of the Soulcatchers (if you stick with me you’ll probably learn more about it later!) 79 more words

Welcome to Yungblood

Unlike revenge, a dish best served cold, food for thought is good however you get it. It’s quite a versatile dish, which could leave the diner with pleasant or vexatious aftertastes. 271 more words