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Weird thing that happened today

So I summoned up enough energy to wander over to the grocery store across the street because I needed stuff and it wasn’t gonna buy itself. 306 more words

Daily Stuffs

A key to understanding the news: the unexpected rules in our age of wonders.

Summary: We’re in an age of wonders where the news overflows with unexpected events, things not predicted by even our greatest experts. Today we discuss two common responses to this, both ineffective: blindly accepting experts’ explanations that it’s all understood, and throwing away their advice as imperfect. 735 more words

Other Issues

Too Much Of A Good Thing

I think that most people in the northeast of the US would agree that one snow day is great. Two snow days? Awesome! But countless snow days without a full week of school for more than a month? 55 more words


Tuesday poem: A persistence of jellyfish

a persistence of jellyfish
flesh liaisons bloom
sea-flowers have no soul

P.S. Cottier

‘sea-flowers…’is from Jules Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

This bluebottle is the sort of lovely Australian creature that delights visitors. 266 more words


I'm Not Talking To You, I'm Talking To Me

We all do it. Don’t deny it… we all talk to ourselves. Sometimes, we’re the only one who listens, am I right?! (hardy-har-har, I know). It’s totally normal, healthy even, to have internal dialogues as we navigate through our day. 640 more words



Brainfarts, it isn’t a very appealing word is it? They are a very appeal experience either. To me, a brain art is when there is something, some little fact or knowledge or act that you know how to do, or you should know how to do and you don’t. 224 more words

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