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I am still, in trickles, searching for, movement, and I believe in the sanctity of three things, I live coma, I born with the coma, I coma when I have no coma, is anybody going to eat me because of this¡ I am tired of talking in the first person, I am tired of being myself, and if someone were to… you have eaten and you have given everyone a reason to believe in dualities. 368 more words

Short Story

Thank you, my muses!

Here are a bunch of little things. Some are inspired by conversations with friends. As one pointed out, we used to call people who inspired us “muses.” Now we call them “the friend who gave me an idea for a blog post.” Thanks, my muses! 1,219 more words


This Week (OK More Like This Month) in Awkwardness

I completed my application to become a student at the University of South Florida in the winter.  o_O   I still have to send them some test scores & transcripts but Phase 1 is out of the way. 590 more words

United States

Battle of the Bands

This is what happens when it’s late at night, I’ve been working on servers for eight hours, and I haven’t had enough caffeine.

I get this desire to run a game about inter-planetary war; one between people based on Boston album covers vs beings from Journey album covers. 36 more words


We Do What We Can

Welcome to the beginning.

Here’s a brief rundown of what this blog will be about:

  1. Politics. This is my passion, and we are going to talk about a lot of the weird and neat and frankly insane happenings in American politics (and sure world politics too).
  2. 278 more words

On language barriers

This article got me thinking about something of which I already try to remind myself on a daily basis:

Speaking a second language with anything less than fluency can automatically create the impression that you are less intelligent than you actually are (to the native speakers whose language you are trying to speak). 483 more words


Who believes that the Federal government seeks to take over Texas?

Summary:  The Jade Helm military exercise has sparked an urban legend. Polls showing who believes fringe theories act as x-rays illuminating the American polity. Some of the results are expected if alarming. 576 more words