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Phouka Loves Ryu: 138 Creeper Kitten "Wedding Bells"

And this is why Creeper Kitten is not invited to weddings.
Speaking of weddings, MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!
*Insert Kermit the Frog flail* 9 more words


Is he?

I went to see someone for work today. At the end of the discussion, I stood up and wished him “Have a good lunch later… I better get going”. 58 more words


You're Not Normal.

You’re not normal.  Neither am I.  And I think that’s a good thing.

Normal is the small scoop of ice cream. A clean house. Always well-behaved kids. 602 more words



(2000’s | teenagese | “dangerous,” “creepy,” “uncanny,” “bizarre”)

A new meaning of “sketchy” arose while I wasn’t paying attention, still mainly the property of kids and young adults, though such words invariably become the property of the superannuated fifty years on. 821 more words


Legendary TV show to be remade in the village

The Council was uncorking the Lambrusco this morning as it announced it had convinced the BBC (British Bullshit Corporation) to wipe the dust off an old classic TV show and remake it in the village, using the local men as contestants. 484 more words


Horse One on the Run!!! Carnage expected!!!

News last night reached the Daily that Marl Bennett (better known as Horse One) has escaped from his secure cell in New Zealand and has swum across to Australia where he’s embarked on a spree of abuse, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Jimmy Savile found himself as the guest star on 90s TV show “Children’s Ward”. 480 more words


Things that happen at my house: Naming bugs

My son is talking to a friend of his online.. apparently there is a bug in his friend’s house and it’s about to meet it’s demise. 164 more words