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Party Time?

She felt surprised and relieved to find that the front door was still locked. Lynda grunted in satisfaction.

She had been rudely awoken during the early hours of the morning to what seemed to be a wild party downstairs. 247 more words


The Enchanted Forest

It was several months ago that a certain Professor entertained dreams of painting happy little trees upon the basement wall. In the intervening months, Sister Madly & Co. 510 more words

Sister Madly

Sleepless nights

Do you ever have those nights when you fall asleep and wake back up not long afterwards? That was me lastnight. The weird part is I had a continuous dream. 175 more words

Villager hits the big time!!!

Step aside, Branson et al. there’s a new billionaire in town and he goes by the name James, Jackson James.

Jackson James officially became the world’s richest man this morning when he launched his new mobile app: “Cockchat”, inspired by his own antics on Snapchat where he passes his time searching the females in his contact list before bombarding them with photos of his penis, normally with some sick comment across the middle, for example: “Do you like chicken? 408 more words


Dog Eat Dog, Part 1

It was a warm day yesterday.

Of course, every day was warm here. The naming of the seasons was only a formality.

I had just gotten off the train and was heading back to my apartment after work.  409 more words

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