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It's Easter 

well it’s Easter weekend so not only does that mean a lot of chocolate but also a lot of good food and lazing around! My little family and I are heading to the seaside which will be lovely, we are planning on fish and chips and I’m already feeling guilty about it but I’m going to try and let that go and enjoy my weekend while being mindful not to over eat! 8 more words

Now that I can see my feet, I don't want to

Dear Diary, Apparently when my feet were buried beneath the shadow of my belly I didn’t see them often enough, and they got pretty neglected. All that shade and I never noticed they had become lifeless and downright ugly. 189 more words


Best Diet Pills For Men to Lose Weight and Get Healthy

Let’s spend a few minutes discussing a subject that lots of guys don’t feel comfortable with, the very best diet tablets for guys. Ladies do not have an issue discussing the newest diet tablets and what supplements they are attempting. 22 more words


One of Those Days

It’s one of those days where
You try
Not to let it overwhelm you
All of it;
Because it’s piling up, isn’t it?
An ever – growing brick stack… 55 more words




If you have come across this blog, then I’m happy to say welcome; at a chance to change your life for the better. So you have been scrolling through Pro ana & Pro mia blogs for a long time huh? 223 more words


Damned if I do, Damned if I don't -

Dear Diary, why is it that those same people who were concerned about me losing weight for my health and well-being – Those very same people who would make faces when they witnessed the large quantities of food I ate at the restaurant last week – and those very same people who even if they never opened their mouths would ooze out their disapproval of my very existence as a large woman – WHY IS IT THAT THEY – those ‘loved ones’ are upset that I won’t go to dinner with them, eat at their house or eat ‘real food’?¬† 60 more words

Food Plan

Taking a Back Seat

What took a back seat this week you might ask? Unfortunately it was my fitness and healthy eating goals. I had a work trip to Nashville, and let’s just say that I got my fill of all Nashville had to offer. 574 more words