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Coffee first

So I went to weigh myself this morning. Was holding the folding stool in my hand for a full minute, starring at it, before I realized it wasn’t the scale.

Need coffee.


Life rules.

I scribbled down a list of life rules early Saturday morning.  They came out of nowhere, before I even had coffee, which means they can’t possibly have come from me, so they have to be good. 498 more words


Great beautiful weekend

I had a great weekend with my Little Man. We went to see Home. We played board games. We talked. It was really nice.

I really believe that because I’ve been so unhappy, frustrated, and angry in my last relationship, it had taken its toll on me and I had been being that way in life. 644 more words

11 Week Weigh In

Current: 327.8
Loss: 5.4

Two weeks with 5 pound loses, woohoo!

So I’ve really realized that on the days I’m in the office, I need to push my fluid intake because I get pretty dehydrated and then it makes for a miserable next few days. 73 more words

Monday Morning Check-In

Last Monday morning I did my first weekly check-in, and I set some goals. Those goals were:

Get a passport.
Pay my credit cards down this year.

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Weighty Subject

When you have an autoimmune illness a lot of times part of the added fun is weight issue.  If they prescribe steroids for you, you are going to put on weight because you end up in a case of hungry-hippo starvation feeling.   216 more words

A Healthier Me

I’m not going to be delusional and tell you I’m at a perfect weight and there’s no reason for me to loose weight. I’m overweight, I know already so lets just get that point out of the way and move on, I get it I should eat better and I should do more exercise and loose weight, and that is what I am attempting to do know. 968 more words

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