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Household Chores Can Be a Great Workout!

Not all exercise has to be done in the gym! In fact, many people all over the world rely on doing everyday tasks by hand as a method of both getting things done and staying in shape. 612 more words


30 by 30: #13, #14, #26

I’ve decided to combine the posts for these 3 items because they all share the same reason I was/will be unable to complete them by my birthday: we’re having a baby! 396 more words


I'm Not Okay...

I’m sick of it. A good part of the past 2 years of my life have been a lie. I’ve spent the time obsessed with losing weight, been partially successful at it, yet now I can’t deal with this anymore. 233 more words


One stinky, sun-burned, exhausted, sore-backed, glulttenous tree hugger!

Cleaning is for the birds!  Do you ever just think what is the fucking point – it will just get messy in 5 minutes (especially when you have a toddler!) 246 more words

Weight Loss

The Stay-at-home Mum Trap

This is it…it’s time to face reality. I’m an intelligent stay-at-home mum of two who can’t stop eating. Currently not overweight but definitely on the slippery slide there. 79 more words

Stay-at-home Mum

The Truth behind 5 Food Myths|Menzcare

It goes like this: A client looking to lead a healthier life hires me, a nutritionist, to help him improve his diet. I analyze what he’s been eating, factor in his food preferences, and together we create an eating plan that fits his lifestyle and goals. 501 more words

Weight Loss

Preparation Makes Perfect

When you approach any significant event in life, how you plan and prepare can be the crucial factor between a mediocre result and an utterly fantastic result! 582 more words