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My Weight Loss Journey, part 2

So, I gave a little history on my about me page, and wrote about my first try at getting started on the road to bariatric surgery in… 725 more words

Weight Loss

Positive.... Yes I'm positive! 

This last week I have had some great things going on in my health and weight loss life.

We got back from our road trip to my brother’s wedding and I didn’t gain anything! 380 more words


My Journey Thus Far, part 1

This is me. Well, me about 10-12 years ago, and that was before I put on an extra 50 pounds!

I have been riding the roller coaster for years. 326 more words

Weight Loss

Guilt and shame have too many calories

Yesterday was a learning day, more so than most.

My job, which I love so much, which I use to define myself regularly, kicked my butt.  424 more words

Weight Loss

eight months (and a bit)

I do wish I was better at blogging regularly. I just forget or can’t be bothered logging on or have too much else to do that seems more important… I have all the excuses! 1,005 more words

Gastric Sleeve

FINALLY, something goes right!

Today’s visit to the surgeon was like being in a dream!

I arrived 15 minutes early as they request that you do, and I took a number from the fancy kiosk. 765 more words

Bipolar Disorder

5 Weeks Post-Op - So close, but yet so far.....

I’m officially at 5 weeks now and still doing quite well.  I still feel like I struggle to get my protein goals to the level that I want, but since I’m meeting my surgeon’s goals for me, I’m trying not to stress too much about it.   562 more words