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Mind Trip: How One Woman’s Mental Shift Changed Her Life

“I felt like I wasn’t even showing up for my own life.  I said, ‘This ends today.’

We are all given just one life.  What if you felt like you weren’t living the life you were meant to live?  777 more words


Motivation to lose weight...

There currently isn’t any update on my weight so I wanted to ask you guys what motivates you to lose weight? How do you keep yourself motivated?

Till next time….xoxo


How Bacteria in Your Body Can Make You Fat

The battle of the bulge just got a little bit bigger. It’s no secret that fighting fat is hard and even harder to fix in the long term. 541 more words

Healthy Eating

So It Begins

I used to keep a blog but deleted it because I was too emotional.  I’m still a little emotional, but I think I have better things to write about now.  911 more words


Today I started my journey 03/02/2015

I am not real sure if I am doing this correctly, but I am just going to type my thoughts and put it all down. If anyone reads this and has suggestions on what I need to do better…please feel free to let me know. 572 more words

Biggest Loser

The Art of Slowing Down

Life is fast – or rather we tend to live life fast. Schedules are jam-packed, the days, weeks, months fly by. As we all know this tends to push fitness (and personal care in general) to the bottom of a long list, and for many that means you never get to it. 600 more words

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Get it Right - Weight Loss Or Fat Loss

Sometimes the wording we use makes a problem harder to solve. Everyone says they want to lose weight. But whether they know it or not, what they should concentrate on is healthy fat loss. 476 more words

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