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On old weight gain

On Weight Gain as we age

Except for a period of depression, I weighed about the same from the age of 19 to 45. When I could feel myself inching above, I would take measures—I even joined Weight Watchers for a time in my early 20s when I weighed (horrors!) 5 pounds above my college weight, and immediately got things under control. 852 more words

This could become graphic...

I love to blog and find that it’s a nice outlet for me to vent.  I’m struggling these days and really am confronting confusion on the whys or hows.   242 more words


Never have I Weighed So Much!!!

If you told me two years ago today that I would be a cancer survivor I would have told you “You are Crazy…why would you say such a thing?” 839 more words

Breast Cancer

Pregnancy: It's a Girl

It’s a girl!!!!!!!

I thought I was in love before, but I’m a million times more so now! I’m sure it just keeps multiplying until I give birth and see her sweet face. 319 more words

Junk Food = Weight Loss

Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve lost weight and acquired stretch marks all while eating junk food and not exercising. What the heck? That goes against every magazine cover I’ve ever seen. 532 more words


Diary of a Fat Girl- Part 5

Don’t stereotype other people!

As I left off in the last part of my diary….I had finally conceived my precious child.  The months went by quickly…my stomach growing with the life inside of me.  930 more words

Fat Issues

Sometimes You have to Go back to the beginning…

As a follower of Natural Horsemanship, you’d think I’d know better. You’d think I’d remember that sometimes, when the going gets tough, the tough go back to the beginning and rethink their approach. 460 more words