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it finally happened.

I gained weight.

I promised myself I wouldn’t eat myself into a stupor/stupidity again but it seems like after only a year of having a pouch for a stomach I am back to cramming it full. 117 more words

The Surprising Link Between Skipping Meals and Belly Fat

You’ve heard it before, and probably more than once: It’s not a good idea to skip meals. But while dietitians (and your mom) have given that advice for years, there hasn’t been a lot of science that explains why it’s so bad for you — until now.

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Has depression made me fat?

Recently I have been pondering this question.

I understand that weight gain is my own fault however what factors have contributed to this and my feeling of worthlessness? 84 more words


Deanne (DeeR), Suspected Cushing's

Please help suspected cushings. I have chance to go see.Dr f. And Dont want to waste the opportunity.

I am 45 and a chronic pain patient from a drunk neuro surgeon removing my first ribs and scalene muscles when I was mid twentys. 236 more words


Embracing your body at any size

Your homegirl is a plus size.  I’ve come to accept this fact.  And while this hasn’t always been the case, and while I hope it won’t be the case come this time next year, it is my current reality.   93 more words


Wagon.. which one are you on?

I will be the first to admit, the last few weeks (read: month) has been rather hard on me and my goals. Everything was in flux, there was an abundance of stress, and my body did not appreciate any of it. 331 more words

Always Trying

FINALLY, something goes right!

Today’s visit to the surgeon was like being in a dream!

I arrived 15 minutes early as they request that you do, and I took a number from the fancy kiosk. 765 more words

Bipolar Disorder