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Week One | Monday

I’m looking to see if, by doing the following 15 things in the next 7 days, I can lose 6 lbs and feel better about my weight. 226 more words


Week 1

What are your initial thoughts on the assignment?

I was super excited because I had looked at the NCEA website before coming into Media Studies this year and I was a little worried that it wouldn’t have anything to do with video making and editing which is what I was looking for. 619 more words

Week 1

scene two: glossary

Glossary, terms, definitions, and images from Scene Two. 384 more words



RSS stand for Real Simply Syndication and is a technology that allows news and web content to be published and pushed out to users who are subscribed to a feed. 149 more words

Week One

scene one: glossary

Glossary, terms, definitions, and images from Scene One. 822 more words


Chapter 4: Create Remarkable Content

When you have get people to notice you, you also need to create remarkable and interesting content about your company and products for them to read.  279 more words

Week One

Chapter 3: Are You Worthy?

Tackle the big guy called Internet

The importance with Inbound marketing is to get people notice you/your company on the web, getting them to found you. 133 more words

Week One