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Cool...man !!!

Mizoram has a tropical climate with the Tropic Of Cancer running right through the middle of it. According to the Forest Survey India 2011, it has more than 90% of it covered in forest and has the third largest forest area of all Indian States, with nearly 4 Million Acres of forest area. 266 more words

How To Clean A Bong With Household Items

  1. Bong caked with resin?
  2. Smells like shit?
  3. Want it to sparkle again?

Ive come to master the art of getting a good shiny bong even when it looks like it cant be saved, and although already common knowledge I would like to share it with you. 156 more words


Smoking Weed And Watching YouTube With Old Skool Joe

Well…it looks like it’s time to get back to work.

Step one smoke a bowl.

Step two brew some coffee, have power breakfast with our head of security Goliath. 156 more words


83) "bOFeLIESd"

83) bOFeLIESd
By: Johnny Blaze

I pack what’s left of the weed in my sesh pape
About half past twelve, I hit the doors very care-fullay… 504 more words

My Book Of Rhymes

It was Cannabis that knocked her off her pedestal.

Visiting Cape Town in winter is like having a relative in jail.  You know about them but you don’t necessarily want to visit.  Until you inevitably do.  680 more words



Whine and whine and…. The soft reggae music is buzzing in the background in my dim lit house. Am connected. To every line, every beat, every tone , every instrument , I can hear it all. 783 more words