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#IJDU A Rant By Old Skool Joe

Quit fucking abbreviating everything!

I’m from the old school and back in my day if you wanted to tell someone something then you had to say the entire phrase. 88 more words


Driven to Quit

So I’ve decided to take the Driven to Quit Challenge. Basically I’m going to quit smoking for the month of March and maybe win a car. 128 more words


Madison, Jefferson, Mary, and Jane

In 1787, James Madison sent Thomas Jefferson the new U.S. Constitution for his feedback. Here is the rough dialogue that transpired via carrier pigeon, over several weeks: 387 more words


Confessions Of A Stoner.

I’ve convinced myself that I am content with my life right now. More so, trained myself to believe that I can be happy living my life the way I do. 204 more words


After Sailing Across The Atlantic, You Just Want A Beer

A New York man is in jail after stopping for a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts. The thing is…he had just robbed the bank… 132 more words