Wednesday Updates 6/24/15

I wish I could say that 6/24/15 was the birthdate of my third child, but, alas, I cannot. He’s still safely and snugly tucked away inside. 327 more words

Wednesday Updates 6/17/15

Nope. No baby yet.

I am, unfortunately, the sort of woman who is prone to false labor. Now, false labor isn’t fake labor… it’s real labor–real contractions, real discomfort, real pain, etc. 469 more words

Wednesday Updates 6/3/15

I am going to take the kids to the pool–because of weather and other commitments, this might be the only day this week we manage to get over there. 528 more words

Thursday Updates 5/28/15

Was busy. It seemed like I stayed active all morning long with various chores, like laundry, then we ate lunch and I started packing up all the bags to take the kids to the pool. 379 more words

Wednesday Updates 4/29/15

Currently, I am…

Too many good things. Typically, I make every meal we eat every week. We order pizza once or twice a month, but that’s really it. 320 more words

Wednesday Updates 4/22/15


Baby Crazy:
Babies are on the brain right now in our house. I’m rather huge (measuring normally, apparently), and I feel it. The kids are taking note of my growing tummy and my rapidly disappearing belly button. 385 more words

Wednesday Updates 4/15/15

Currently, I am…

That Oliver would stop being so terrible at bedtime. He’s a perfect little angel (usually) right up until the point where I tuck him in and close the door… then he starts screaming. 646 more words