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Our Story and a Bit About Our Big Day

Adam (my fiancé) and I are not a typical, normal couple.  Well, let me rephrase that…we’re so cute and weird together, it’s disgusting. Except, it’s not disgusting, it’s perfect.  870 more words


Choosing Your Wedding Colour Scheme

 Your wedding colors will set the tone for your big day. They’re the strands that weave all of the elements (from the bridesmaid dresses to the signature drinks) together. 441 more words

Wedding Planning

How to Vow - 5 tips for writing wedding vows that don't suck

I don’t think wedding vows should have the word “death” in them. I know, I know, who am I to alter hundreds of years of wedding tradition? 432 more words

Wedding Planning

Wedding Toast

I am ambiguous about wedding toasts. Sometimes they’re sweet, but more often they’re awkward, cliche or just plain embarrassing. But the worst thing is that they’re compulsory! 322 more words


A Cross-Border Love Story

 Welcome to our new engagement series!
In this series we explore local couples who found love in extraordinary ways.

Part One: Meet Soraya & Matt. Their love story transcended the US/Canadian border! 1,347 more words

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The Appiest Couple

Have you heard stories about the horrors of managing your RSVPs? They’re all true. I’m telling you, I don’t know how people managed this important part of their wedding before cell phones, tablets, emails, and internet. 748 more words

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Just Do It (Yourself...Again)

Just when you thought I was done with DIY…to quote Cher Horowitz, “As If!” I promised you 4 more DIY projects and I always deliver on my promises. 863 more words

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