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Webinar- Reframe and Anchor - May 12

Upgrading to Webinars

Beginning in April we are switching to webinars instead of teleseminars. You can still listen on your smart phone or through your computer speakers. 524 more words

May Day

This is the first year I’ve done any SAA May Day1 activities, but this year an e-mail went around work about a webinar, “After Disasters: Salvage and Recovery in Small to Mid-Sized Museums and Libraries.” 476 more words


A Little Equipment Goes a Long Way

Every time I see a lighting setup, it’s always multiple strobes with various light modifiers.  In my head, I’m adding up the costs of each little piece of equipment and it doesn’t seem possible on a college budget, or any budget!  100 more words


SEO Ranking Tools 2015

SEO Ranking Tools 2015

Google het derde oog!

Op vrijdag 1 mei 2015 heb ik een webinar gevolgd via http://www.inml.nl.  De webinar werd gegeven door Stefan Rooyackers. 384 more words

Ranking Tools 2015

We’ve Got Webinars Just for You: Quarter 2 List

If you or your company are looking to save money and drive business by going paperless, make sure to encourage your coworkers to check out our upcoming Quarter 2 webinars. 408 more words