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The business card you don't even need to hand out.

Crystal Stephen, owner of Plum Consignment in Denver, is one of the cleverest marketeers I know. Look how she’s used her 59 more words

Shopkeeping Talk

Information Form Made With HTML

I made this using HTML and a pre-made PHP page made by my instructor.
I created a form to input personal information that posts to a PHP page. 83 more words


Indian Web designing and applications

The mobile application market is a recently discovered market. It came into being because of the great strides that the mobile phone market has made in recent times. 319 more words


Cinq Minutes D'Articles Bidons Sur La Culture Urbaine Camerounaise.

Avec vos bêtes articles que vous tirez souvent d’on ne sait quel trou noir de manque d’inspiration jusqu’à vomir ça sur Internet parce que c’est gratuit là. 1,582 more words

Worth watching today - Javascript quirks

For a project I have had to delve into the magic world of Javascript – and I found out it’s magic indeed, as these brilliant videos show: 28 more words


30 Best Web Design Examples Using Parallax

Parallax is no longer something new and even before becoming a huge trend in web design, it was used frequently in classic video games. The parallax effect is really cool and you can see it quite often in new website designs when scrolling through the pages. 166 more words


CSS pseudo classes and elements

Nice article from Ire Aderinokun explaining the single/double colon syntax when using pseudo classes and elements. Seems like IE8 is the bad guy – surprise. 19 more words