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Interview with Wildbow

In 2011, JC “Wildbow”  McCrae launched the first chapter of Worm. Within two years, it was finished with 1.75 million words. In 2014, near the end of my Junior year in college, I discovered the story through TV Tropes and fell in love immediately. 5,316 more words


Peter Pendragon and the Enraged Buffalo

It is my firm belief that I am one of the only people alive who can boast about being mugged by a troll. 2,966 more words

Arthurian Fiction

Fantasy Web Serial - Part 14

Welcome to the fourteenth installment of my fantasy web serial!

“Hey, Olivia: I’m new to the story…” – Oh really? Fantastic! You can read it here… 621 more words

Web Serial


 Painting used: A Lady Admiring a Fan, Giovanni Boldini, 1878

Part First:
The Assassin’s Promise

Flying high above the city in a zeppelin, that’s what dreams are really made of. 1,748 more words


Chapter 5.4

I scramble to grab the transmitter and press on the button.

“Hello, yes. My name’s Jarrod. Are you from Crossville?”

“Hello, is that really someone? We’re from Pikeville. 1,181 more words

"फिर वही चाँद" कड़ी-०१

Read in English

“फिर वही चाँद” मुखपृष्ठ

रात बीतने को थी, पर अब भी चारों ओर अँधेरा था. धुंधले क्षितिज पर अब तक सूरज का कोई संकेत नहीं था. 23 more words

फिर वही चाँद