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Chapter 3.3

Riding in John’s truck felt unnatural now. I remember the first time I rode alone with him. We were going to Dayton to get something or another from Lowe’s. 2,480 more words

Serial Sunday: The Stolen Jewel - Episode Five

   The Stolen Jewel

An Episodic Medieval Fantasy Romance


Kimberly A. Rogers

This is the fifth episode in The Stolen Jewel. Read from the beginning… 1,319 more words


Chapter 19

Interlude: NikolaiTable of Contents | [read on Tumblr]

Author’s note: This chapter took me months to write so I hope you guys like it!

1,939 more words

Stalwart Crest Part 11

Chapter Eleven

Zwicky boarded her shuttle and departed the Stalwart Crest. Her presence aboard the Crest was brief, but in her wake she left ruins. Before her arrival, the Crest was meant to stop beasts from eating scientists on the planet below. 689 more words


The Fletcher Family Problem Part 5

Part Five
The World Asunder

Roan’s arm pulsed with pain.

“What was that?” He screamed.

Grandpa dropped the blade and ran into the field surrounding them. 1,397 more words


Chapter 3.2

We all sit around the table, playing a two board version of scrabble. Everyone is sitting patiently as Tiffany lays out the word “pacify” across a double word score. 1,554 more words


The walls were covered with blood. I put my hand on one of the pictures.

No, not blood. Paint. I sniffed it.

Definitely paint.

They were red walls, which was somewhat normal, all things considered. 2,230 more words