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Handwoven Ribbon

     Handwoven ribbon for sale. Can be used “as is” for belts, hat bands, or an unusual necklace. Can also be cut and used as one of a kind clothing decoration, it’s especially nice on heavier fabric dress bodices or cuffs. 71 more words


Wrapping Up My Personal Arts project ; W E A V I N G

Over the course of the winter 2015 semester I have been requires to work on a personal arts project. The art was the students choice, and I chose weaving. 294 more words


Give Backstrap Weaving a Chance

Weekend before last, I learned how to make these on a backstrap loom,

in a workshop taught by the guru of backstrap weaving, Laverne Waddington, 504 more words


720, but who's counting?

I’m making a baby blanket. I’m pushing the limits and using the full 36″ width of my loom. It will be a small blanket because the cotton will shrink up some when I wash it and 36″ wide is a bit on the small side to start with. 195 more words

Heron Pond

Weaving Art

Prof. Laima Orzekauskiene is definitely a difficult name – but really worth remembering it! She is from Lithuania and I met her at the textile art exhibition in Berlin 2014. 36 more words


The Shoe’s on the Other Foot

I have a tabletop hand loom that I bought from my high school art teacher (Miss Zola, if you’re out there, you’re the bomb), and I honestly haven’t touched it in probably 20 years. 559 more words

Week 10 - Artist Interview - Dawn Ertl

My Artist Interview for week 10 is Dawn Ertl.

Ertl is currently a graduate student in sculpture and this will be her last semester here at CSULB. 302 more words