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Crafty Tuesday: Let's Feng Shui it up!

Hey friends!

It’s Crafty Tuesday again, and this week’s post/project was inspired by one of my roommates. He is a Buddhist and a master of Feng Shui, and he worked this past weekend on rearranging our house to match the changes brought by 2015: The year of the goat/ram. 585 more words


Stress? I Tried It Once...Not For Me

I don’t like statistics because…well, I just don’t like them. But here are a few that I need to share before I get started: 1 in 5 Americans experience “extreme stress;” stress increases the risk of heart disease by 40%, and the risk of stroke by 60%; stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human illnesses. 551 more words


Tiny little cabin in the woods

My father bought my mother a tiny little cabin in the woods.

We have come to it since I can remember.

We always had cousins come and we all slept in sleeping bags everywhere! 312 more words


Five "Truths" You Cannot Disagree With

I love (well, love to hate) this meme… thought I should share my thoughts:

1) Don’t know why this one is mentioned. No one is trying to legislate anyone in or out of wealth or poverty, but when an hourly worker making 35K a year pays 18% in taxes, a middle class earner or small businessman pays 30% in taxes, while billionaires and multi-billion dollar corporations pay nothing or a single digit percentage at best, it can hardly be considered a fair tax burden. 394 more words

Current Issues

Forbes Reports Michael Jordan is Now Officially a Billionaire

According to Forbes, estimated back in June that Jordan, 52, had joined the ranks of the billionaires after increasing his stake in the Charlotte Hornets — the franchise in which he purchased a majority interest for $275 million in March of 2010, back when they were the Bobcats — from 80 percent to 89.5 percent. 168 more words


GCN Launches Book on Economics

It’s not often that you find a person like Jake Barnett (1924-2012). He was a businessman, a successful one, who had a deep and intellectual understanding of the Scriptures and economics. 276 more words


New Customers and Affiliates Check This Out!! 

The Vemma Products

When someone joins the Vemma business, he or she is typically introduced to just one of our product lines: