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"Let Us Make God in Our Own Image"

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“In our consumer-driven world, religion attempts to meet “felt-needs” – scrambling to give people the health and wealth they want, while Jesus calls us to suffering – to come and follow him. 117 more words


Understanding the Four Measures of Volatility By Scott Rothbort

Updated from 3/8/2007 at 2:15 p.m. EST

“Volatility” is a term that is increasingly interjected into financial market commentary by the press and professionals. In fact, Bloomberg Radio has a daily “Volatility Report.” While the term is being thrown around with a seemingly high degree of expertise, I find that the concept is not well understood by most commentators and the average investor. 404 more words


Clintons are super-rich...

This graphic  shows how many average households in each state would be required to equal the Clinton’s wealth.

Hillary will not be pleased,  since she is pretending to care about the middle class.   11 more words

Use Diversification to Reduce Your Investing Risk

Let’s say that you’re playing a game where you bet $10 on the toss of a coin.  If it is a fair coin – equally weighted on both sides – you’ll guess right half of the time and wrong half of the time if you play for many runs, say 100 or more.  1,129 more words



First I want to thank EVERYBODY who has been following me , supporting me and praying for me thus far !!! If you didn’t know Kingdom Cool Kids is my personal ministry and outreach for Youth & Young Adults in the Kingdom of God. 89 more words

I am here to share my journey to $1,000,000.00

I had always wanted to be a millionaire and today is the day I have committed to it.

Millionaire Wealth Journey Zerotohero