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The Cost of Education: It's about a lot more than money

Circumstances surrounding education can play a major role in one’s socioeconomic development and standing.

In Rome, in one of the poorest geographic areas, the average household lives off of an income of approximately… 579 more words


Honduras Is Sold as a Libertarian Paradise -- I Went, and Discovered a Capitalist Nightmare

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Honduras Is Sold as a Libertarian Paradise — I Went, and Discovered a Capitalist Nightmare | Alternet.


There can be no such thing as freedom, safety or progress of any kind, when an entire society is run for the benefit of a handful of rich assholes and global conglomerates.

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The myth of the 1% and the 99%

Michael Kazin, co-editor of the left-wing magazine Dissent, posed a simple question in a recent article: If wealth and income inequality levels are as bad as they are portrayed in popular media, “ 712 more words


The 99% Of The 1%

Wealth accumulation is mimicking income concentration. The 99% see only slight increases, and know the rest is within the 1%. Within the 1% though, there’s another 99% that knows that the real accumulation is happening within the 1% of the 1%. 64 more words


Productivity Versus Compensation

Work harder. Make more money. Be a success. That’s the conventional logic. It was wise – until about 1974. Since then compensation hasn’t grown as fast as productivity. 114 more words


The corporate push to Fast Track the TPP is in high gear. And Wall Street's Senator Ron Wyden will determine what happens next.

If we are going to defeat the job killing, environmentally devastating, Trans-Pacific Partnership from being railroaded through Congress using Fast Track Authority, then we need to get Senator Wyden to oppose it once again. 728 more words