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In an age of rapid technological and population changes it is natural for individuals to feel useless and left behind. They may be naturally drawn to institutions that offer security without threatening their self-esteem, while meeting their innate aggressive instincts.

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Ayn Rand


Continuing with the story of Dhamma Brother, Grady Bankhead, we find that the early development of guilt within him pays dividends in yet another way. 3,839 more words

Ayn Rand

Faith Against Reason - 2

FOREWARD … continued

It was not until Atlas Shrugged that I reached the full answer to Irina’s question. In Atlas Shrugged I explain the philosophical, psychological and moral meaning of the men who value their own lives and of the men who don’t.

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Valli amid the Longueurs

A friend recently invited me to watch “Noi viva” (“We the Living”) the unauthorized and later banned 1942 film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s novel. Now I’m not much of the Ayn-ite, so if you’re looking for a discussion of her source novel or her ideas, check out now. 652 more words

Ayn Rand - a quote on life

As read in We the Living:

“Well, if I asked people whether they believed in life, they’d never understand what I meant. It’s a bad question.

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"So that means you don't believe in helping people, right?"

All readers of Ayn Rand have been there. In a conversation, it somehow is revealed you like her books. The assembled group finds out Atlas Shrugged… 2,691 more words


Why Read: We the Living

For the uninitiated, it can be difficult to begin reading the works of Ayn Rand. When I encounter someone who shows an interest in reading her work, I tend to be a little undecided about the best way to approach the situation. 1,265 more words

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