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Top 5 Friday! Top 5 Movies that Slipped Under the Radar!

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Lessons From...The Way Way Back

I will attempt to keep this short since I should be working on another writing project, but I am a lifetime procrastinator and might be using this post as an excuse. 902 more words


Reviews of the Past: 'The Way Way Back'

The next set of reviews we’ll be publishing are some of the ones Roger Thomas has done exclusively for The Stanly News & Press. Roger has written movie reviews for The Stanly News & Press and other outlets for years, long before starting this blog. 713 more words


Media Monday: The Way Way Back

Utterly charming. I loved this one!

Duncan and his single mom are spending the summer at his mom’s new boyfriend’s beach house with him and his daughter. 128 more words

Media Monday

Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac: Vol 7

So on the net this week,I hear that someone has hacked into many actresses’ accounts and posted nude pictures of them online.  While this is indeed an invasion of someone’s privacy and those involved should be prosecuted fully.  1,935 more words

The Way Way Back Spoiler-Free Review

by Dean Ravell

Academy Award winning screenwriters Jim Rash and Nat Faxon (The Descendants) decided to not only write the screenplay but also direct and star in this dramedy about a shy kid named Duncan (Liam James) who has to endure a summer at his mother’s douchebag boyfriend Trent’s (Steve Carell) beach house. 619 more words