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WAVE - niki feat. Lily

NND: sm18945135
Off vocal:
•original key: Piapro / Click MP3を抽出
•+4 key: Piapro
•-2 key: Piapro


Music and Lyrics: niki
Vocals: Lily

machi gaete uchuu owatte… 185 more words


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This song is pretty catchy. I am surprised I like it that much that I look forward to hear the song from my iPod. I never heard Lily's version at all. Maybe I should check it out. The one that I saved on my iPod is Amatsuki's (天月) one. It is featured on Circle of Friends first album. Ah! A seiyuu also covers this song. Ono Kenshō (小野賢章)!! His version is released as part of EXIT TUNES PRESENTS ACTORS 2. Check it out! Though I must say I still like Amatsuki's cover better. But the more, the better. it gives you more alternatives! It's hard for me to try singing the first part in the same length as them. The song's pace is so fast! But it's fun so it's worthed :D Thank you for posting the lyric on wordpress @Yukari! :D Here's link to Amatsuki's cover: [NND] [YT] and here's link to Ono Kenshō's cover: [YT]. If you wanna know the meaning in english, yahchan has attempted to translate it on Dreamwidth. Go here: [link] Lastly, enjoy this pretty catchy song :D This is supeeeer goood!!! XD

Wedding | On the wave

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Nice Rack

While Klaus and I searched for our castle on the northern beaches of Sydney, we knew that there was one piece of furniture that was required above all else … A surfboard rack.  154 more words

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