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Bullets whistle by

Friday April 9 1915

Making ourselves at home gradually. Watt builds a fine oven. Walked across fields to Reninghelst. Jock and co. got a fine place there. 106 more words

Marita: Sun and wind ... free, but expensive to convert

Here’s the latest from Marita ….

The sun and the wind are free, but converting them to reliable electricity is expensive, if not impossible

In an effort to get America off of fossil fuels, “free” solar and… 1,249 more words

Electrical Systems for AV Equipment - Part 1

One of devoted few who have been following this blog, Paul Austen, has graciously assisted me in covering this most important topic. I bring up, again, the importance of knowing what you don’t know, and in this case, I feel that Paul’s experience far exceeds my own, and so I leave you in his capable hands for this week. 1,196 more words


Investigate the neighbourhood

Wednesday March 24 1915

Watt and Tony arrive to assist us thank goodness. Investigate the neighbourhood on either side, rather a warm quarter. Billet just the opposite – no fire.

Nothing like a bit of Beckett to cut the Patrick’s Day treacle - March 14

As you might already know, I am never wholly comfortable with the tourist board clichéd paddywhackery that often attends St. Patrick’s Day.  So what better way to mark these rejoicings than a celebration of the least clichéd, least paddywhakerish Irish writer imaginable, Mr. 147 more words

Kevin Holohan

Typiskt bra lunch!

Känslan när man har friskförklarat sig själv alltså, den är rätt bra ändå! Så pass bra att jag packade på racern på bilen imorse och bjöd mig själv på långlunch i finvädret idag, det är inget jag direkt ångrade kan jag säga. 275 more words