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Watercolour Painting Attempt 2: Paint to water ratio & Mixing colours

For my second painting I chose this tutorial http://youtu.be/yvEGduJROh4 although I added a house and some different sections in the land.

I have found my main problem is knowing how much water to mix with the paint. 93 more words


My First Watercolour Painting - Lesson 1 : Mistakes are good 

In the days before YouTube I got a great watercolour set, but found books hard to learn from and put it on ice until now. 142 more words


The Blue Bench.

On paper today!

Our favourite bench on the beach patiently waiting for our tired feet coming to rest.  Sometimes we just sat, held hands while contemplating the changeable sea.  68 more words


On Paper Today.

The creek in autumn:

“To me, fair friend, you never can be old.  For as you were when first your eyes I eyed.  Such seems your beauty still. 94 more words


Art Familial

Today, we go and have family pictures taken.  And we take it for granted the ease at which these images are then produced and reproduced.  But years past the painting of ones family or a personal portrait was not such an instantaneous project.   297 more words

Watercolour Paintings

Roses and Daisies

The last of the garden roses and the daisies on my walking path.

“… What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell just as sweet…” 46 more words



This watercolour started out to be a more or less realistic rendering of a tree trunk. Somewhere along the way  realism was forgotten and I had fun.