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Night Running

Ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, roll up and see a sight which has not been seen in these lands for many a moon; a sight akin to spotting a mythical unicorn; a sight so fantastical that you will doubt your very own senses; for tonight, on the roads of Barrowford, a lone pair of bright orange Adidas Duramo 6’s have appeared! 364 more words


“Snapping Turtle” - Stouffville Reservoir

You never know what you might come across when you enter a natural setting. Today I took a lunchtime stroll to one of my regular haunts, the Stouffville Reservoir. 172 more words


Rain+fertile jungle soil = M U D!


The key word here is R A I N.  The word rainforest is the new PC word for jungle and we live in the jungle/rainforest on the east side of Maui.   145 more words

Three Pennsylvania wells likely contaminated by fracking

Not just methane, but traces of fracking fluid made wells froth.

by Scott Johnson for Ars Technica

Public arguments about fracking (at least among those who have heard of the natural gas production technique) have become contentious—a situation not helped by the technical and complicated topic. 1,028 more words