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Why has 'microhydro' been neglected as a solution to energy poverty?

We live in a world of growing resource scarcity. The oft-quoted statistic is that by 2050 two thirds of the world’s population will live in areas of water stress or scarcity. 701 more words

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March 25, 1639: First U.S. Water Power Canal

March 25, 1639: “America’s first canal to provide industrial water power began (dug by colonists in Dedham, MA); ran from Charles River to Neponset River at Mill Creek.” 103 more words


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Today, in between my usual THC consumption and some extracurricular adult beverages in honor of the drunk holiday, I decided to sell my position in IPWR at 9.35 for +1.00… 54 more words

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Understanding Pollution: The Benefits of Water Power

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Water is the most precious resource on the planet, but it doesn’t just sustain our lives; it can also give us power.  1,317 more words

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Sambodian Power and Light | Turn Me Off, Dead Volume

Just posted by the Estadão.

The National System Operator  (ONS), which regulates the electrical sector, has determined that various energy distributors in the Southeast and South reduce the supply of energy during part of the afternoon today.

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Hybrid Systems May Hold Key for Clean Energy

A new report from Oregon State University states that renewable energy could see a significant leap forward with improved storage technologies or more efforts to “match” hybrid forms of clean energy systems that provide an overall more steady flow of electricity. 322 more words

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Renewable Energies in Spain

When people talk about renewable energies, Germany and Denmark are often the countries, they are talking about. They have an energy portfolio, in which they have written down all the achievements they want to do, to slow climate change and change the energy resources. 215 more words