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Underwater | Eye Spy

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By robertrath

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A Bizarre Night in Thailand - Vice

“…we’re in the center of Thailand’s sex tourism, child prostitution problem, and we’re talking about John Kerry and his purple heart?? It was insane.”



Playing Soccer in One of Mexico's Most Dangerous Barrios - Vice

Ok, this has to be one of the most interesting things I’ve seen in a long time. A locally legendary football (soccer) team, made up of transpeople, in a Mexican town with a bad reputation. 8 more words



if it’s obvious
then they probably are not
watching what you do


Postapocalyptic Fiction and the Fragile Rise of Civilisations

Postapocalyptic fiction is pretty big at the moment. And by ‘pretty big’ I mean among the best-selling books and movies out there in the form of The Hunger Games. 309 more words


Animals | Predatory gaze

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By majordennisbloodnok37

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