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Travelogue D8

The third of Musée de la Confluence’s four permanent exhibits draws together materials and artifacts of all kinds relating to human culture and society: obsolete machinery, collections of pottery, wall-length explanations of technological processes, interlocking disks of astrolabes and the succession of glass lenses arrayed to track the wheeling of the heavens. 367 more words


Leora Tanenbaum Quote.

Tanenbaum, L. (2015). I am not a slut: Slut-shaming in the age of the Internet.


Choose! Reading or Watching?

I am confusing myself with the title above.

I love both reading and watching. The percentage is 50:50. I usually do those activities with different context. 228 more words



Isn’t it amazing that something as well-known as Stonehenge can still have things discovered about it? It’s like the controversy over the age of The Great Sphinx of Giza… 94 more words


Window Show

They sit in and around a big red chair with cigarette burns on the armrests, waiting all day, a pair of binoculars on a stand by the window. 53 more words


How to begin...talking about Beginners!

UPDATE: I found this in my Saved drafts and since I never published it and I’m already a post behind. I thought I could throw it in here and hope that you could forgive the very, very late and short review. 144 more words


A Girl Walks Home ALONE at Night

Just saw A Girl Walk Home Alone at Night  last night at the cult indie cinema Filmkunst 66. Dubbed in German but still hauntingly beautiful. 288 more words