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To the upper world / Vers le monde d'en haut

Watatsumi then assembled the sharks and announced, “Now the Splendid-Prince, the august child of the Heavenly-Prince, is about to return to the upper world. Who will be the fastest to take him back? 230 more words

Le Voyage Du Héros

At the gate / À l'entrée

Everything went just as Sihotsuchi had said. Hoori went in the katsura tree and waited. Toyotama’s maid came out and, as she was about to draw water with her bejewelled vessel, some light shone onto it. 619 more words

Le Voyage Du Héros

I will push you away / Je vais te pousser

Hoori left and went to the beach and sat there, weeping and grieving. The deity of sea-currents, Sihotsuchi, came by and said, “Why does the Splendid Prince weep and grieve?” Hoori explained, “My elder brother and I exchanged our tools, but I lost his fish-hook. 338 more words

Le Voyage Du Héros