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How Textile Waste Has Played a Big Part in the 30 Toys in 30 Days Challege, A Little Doll Bed

American households generate approximately 68 lbs of textile waste every year. EVERY YEAR! Okay so let’s say you are not much for believing stats. Let’s, cut it down to half. 637 more words

Zero Waste

Plastic Free July Week 1: Gathering Speed...

I’ve only started this little project 7 months ago and now decided to go for the full challenge: Plastic Free July. 1,431 more words

Zero Waste

Things I love to hate about air travel

Inexpensive air travel is great, don’t get my wrong, but after hopping on and off 7 different planes in the last 18 days, there are a few things that have caught my attention… for the worst. 301 more words


The story of the small compactor.

It was a day in spring of 2009 when I flew to Copenhagen, Denmark to see first-hand the Big Belly solar-powered small waste compactors for urban areas. 436 more words


15-27 SEGMENT 1: Refuse Workers, The Dangers of Trash


Synopsis: Most people don’t think much about what happens to their trash after they set it at the curb. But day in and day out, refuse workers have the most dangerous municipal job, with more injuries than police or firefighters. 2,364 more words

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The work of microbes (bacteria, moulds, fungi, worms, insects etc) has been recognised as a fabulous way to convert waste into nutrient enriched mulch or soil conditioner, and composting is now quite an industry in the garden. 672 more words

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