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Are we totally filled with WASTE??

Our body seems so beautiful and attractive from outside

But if we look deeply and analyze

Only bad and unwanted things are generated in our body… 161 more words

Different Angles

Three thoughs for today

Measuring work is not enough. You have to measure value.

Bill Waddell

We forget this too often!

Scrap doesn’t come for free, we pay someone to make it.

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Let's Hear it for Planet Earth!

Did you know that one of the self-proclaimed founders of Earth Day murdered his ex-girlfriend? You probably did, because apparently this is all up in the “news” cycle again.  581 more words


Day Two: Hard lessons to learn

Day Two of my #deliberatefeast #nofoodwasted challenge started out great.  My husband, Joe, and I talked about ways that this challenge would positively affect our shopping habits and our checkbook while I ate my leftover Pumpkin oats and quinoa and a slice of soon-to-be-overripe cantaloupe. 614 more words

all in a gulls day, 25th April 2015

the gulls are laughing…… why not, it’s funny……… what’s funny?……. I don’t know, they won’t tell me or share whatever in-joke is jocularly tickling their feathers……. 259 more words


Facebook; Too much time, wasted time.

Though this is the method or tool that I use to communicate with the outside world and I find myself more connected. Feels like I am being a student again, wasting time, procrastinating while I should be working… Though I should not be working, I am waiting for something before I can move forward. 264 more words


Slide the City: Water Conservation or Just a Waste?

The biggest waterslide I’ve ever been on was at Raging Waters in Sacramento; I don’t remember how big it was, but I’d imagine it was no more than 60-70 ft. 718 more words