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The Tug and Shovel

The Tug and Shovel is an abandoned pub I found in Strood, completely run down and boarded up this was another perfect location for my project. 175 more words


Money saving (yes again im sorry!)

I know these posts have been done OVER AND OVER! But after watching ITV’s bargain fever and reading through the #bargainfever hashtag I cant believe how many people still either don’t understand the benefits or don’t know how to do it. 1,495 more words


I understand “positive” is better than “negative” (although an expression says, “best” is an enemy of “good”). Just it kills me when I share my deepest feelings to someone, a closest person and instead of some thinking on that and analyzing, I hear “ola kala, ola kala” or “it’s OK, it’s OK” in a repetitive parrot-like manner with no faintest idea of what I have been telling. 24 more words


Frozen Wasteland

“Human excrement is a bigger problem than the oxygen bottles, torn tents, broken ladders, and cans or wrappers teams left behind. … Human waste piling up over decades … posed a health hazard to people dependent on water from rivers fed by the region’s melting glaciers.” ( 14 more words

Waste Efficiencies are saving Yorkshire & Humber £18m per year

Yorkshire & Humber regional council’s recently published report; ‘Delivering Waste Efficiencies in Yorkshire and the Humber‘ states that  regions’ local authorities are saving over £18 million a year through innovative waste management practices. 315 more words

Allen & York

Wartime austerity - a time when recycling was not optional

I’ve just finished reading about Australia, Singapore and the Malay Peninsula during the Second World War in a novel called ‘To Love a Sunburnt Country… 1,619 more words


Don't Waste Your Life 

How many hours a day do you spend on entertainment? I’m not knocking it, but seriously, sometimes I beat myself up for playing a dumb game for an hour straight. 38 more words