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Seattle [Day 3]

On the third day of our trip to Seattle, we stumbled across the Waterfront and Westlake Center.

Our flight back is at five the in evening. 323 more words


Glacier Peak IAD attempt

The part of the North Cascades I’ve spent the most time in is Glacier Peak Wilderness, having knocked out long loops on both the west… 1,095 more words

Pike Place Market

This iconic sign, at the foot of Pike Street, is the marker for one of Seattle’s oldest and most iconic sights. Still Pike Market’s beginnings were very humble and born out of a utilitarian purpose. 410 more words


Desert Shooting - 28 Feb 2015

Rode sixty miles into the desert yesterday for some target shooting. Departed home in 34°F    and blasted down the interstate. Got a bit chilly at 80 mph    without heated gear, but the warm grips kept my hands from freezing even in summer gloves. 451 more words


Seattle Westlake Office

Look! The smily face is still there at 5th floor :)

지난주 작은 녀석 여권 갱신차 오랜만에 Seattle에 들어가주시면서 옛날 사무실이었던 Westlake office를 지나갔다. 옛날 내자리 창가에 붙여놨던 Post it 작품은 아직 누가 떼지는 않았네? ㅎㅎ



March 1, 2015 - Phone Pix

A few mobile phone photos

Second time eating at Cavanaugh’s. Great food. Relaxing atmosphere. Nice folks. Tastiest Reuben I’ve ever had. Mellissa said, “The best fish tacos!” 63 more words