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Books read in May and June

The Wisdom of Insecurity (5/6) – This was a surprisingly difficult read for so slim of a book. Very powerful though. I found the discourse on the difference between faith and belief very helpful in dealing with my own depression and anxiety. 599 more words



Lines reach, tiptoe, stretch,
Born from the edge of the page at the west.
To the east, they fade away;
Live to find the edge another day. 332 more words

J.T. Carlton

The Top 10 Authors of 2015 - Who Are YOUR Picks?

Every single one of us have our all-time favorites when it comes to genre authors. Stephen King generally graces such lists, as do studs like Clive Barker and Jack Ketchum. 1,125 more words

Featured Articles

Trees 10

Today, Patrick and Ryan are discussing Trees 10, originally released June 17th, 2015.

Patrick: There’s a problem with most disaster narratives: there’s seldom an obvious antagonist. 1,447 more words

Alternating Current

Injection #2 - The beginnings of beautiful friendships

Declan Shalvey once said that he was shocked when Warren Ellis asked him to draw one of his independent books. I replied that I found it unsurprising especially considering how much of a masterpiece Moon Knight became. 694 more words

Comic Review

Bridging, Exploration, Divine Twins

Other than […] infuriating things—I’ve been busy with work week bullshit. I would like to have had more time to sit and relax and thing and write here, ponder what I’m doing in the Otherworlds, but are a damnable time sync. 296 more words


The Authority v1

Next up we have The Authority v1 by Warren Ellis, Brian Hitch, Mark Millar, and Frank Quietly. This is probably my favorite superhero team book EVER but it contains nudity, sexual themes, violence, gore, language, and just about everything else you can think of. 2,095 more words