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Their Finest Hour: Aug I, 1940

It’s that time again. After a little discussion, Alan and I decided to reset the game. Not because of major errors, but because we both saw things that we could do better. 1,507 more words


Ankheg: Bones II Figure

Chris Palmer

    This week I also completed the Ankheg figure from the Bones II Dungeon Monsters Set.  While I didn’t see myself having much use for it as a 28mm monster, I thought it would look pretty cool as a Giant Anhkheg (D & D Monster Manual spelling) to go with my 10mm “Bear Yourselves Valiantly” fantasy armies.   358 more words


Something stirs deep in the Forgeworld

I have the 40k bug again. I recently sold off my Ork army and I am looking at dumping my Imperial Guard. The reason?

A long time ago in a place called Admiral Toys, RIP, I was introduced to Warhammer 40k. 153 more words


Not much gaming as Waterloo looms

It seems a long time since I had anything to post.  On the wargaming front the Peninsular War e-mail campaign progresses slowly as more forces begin to find and engage the enemy.   421 more words



Welcome to LaserGrenadiers!

If you are just tuning in you may find the presentation a bit confusing. I started placing the rules on this blog in late 2014, one chapter at a time, starting at the beginning of the rules and working my way through all of the rules to the tables. 104 more words

28mm Miniatures

GN 19 May: Slaughter in the Dark

Game Night Report. A Recovery Team was tasked with escorting a Technician through an underground research facility to its Command Center. All he had to do there was hack the main console and copy some critical files onto his deck. 179 more words


Gaming Thoughts - Totally Crit Open 2 Aftermath

Saturday just gone saw me and gaming buddy Jez travel East to Tunbridge Wells for the 2nd Totally Crit Open. We got to the venue nice and early and were able to have a chat with some of the guys who were there, as well as set up the table of terrain that we’d brought along from my own collection. 2,272 more words

Infinity The Game