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Islamic Scholars Present An Open Letter To ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

A consortium of one hundred and twenty Islamic Scholars have placed onto the internet an Open Letter to Islamic State (ISIS) leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi denouncing the organization’s violent and extremist actions in the Middle East. 674 more words


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Just to stir the pot a little - Firstly, this does provide a more believable picture of Islam and its goals. Always contentious, but those who wish to to use the Quran as a source of justifying violence against the "infidels" are really only justifying their own evil intentions. Secondly, it is clearly evident, if looking at a range of sources, to see that the so-called IS group is not a legitimate Islamic idealist movement. They did not suddenly blossom, ( a bad choice of word, I admit), from nothing, to a force to be reckoned with, without considerable outside support. Funding, vehicles, armaments, weaponry, organized leadership, incentive to thrust into places that provide justification for Western intrusion. How many times have you seen videos of supposed IS members praying to Allah in different directions? Where did all their funding and equipment come from? (For one of some references, see http://tgrule.com/?s=ISIS ) Thirdly, a little stretch of the imagination would take you into the world of '1984' (George Orwell) or 'Brave New World' (Aldous Huxley), to make it easier to understand the techniques of the 'ungodly' in their effforts for world domination. Close to home (Australia) we now have our 'esteemed' PM promoting sacrifice of civil liberties in the interests of combating almost non-existent terrorism in Australia. "Terrorism" that may even be of the set up false-flag variety, or perhaps simply isolated incidents being utilized to his advantage. So when ISIS, or IS is shown up to be illegitimate by genuine Islamists, we should take note.

"Winds of War" - Considerable Opposition to the Incessant US Warmongering

This timely article by Paul Craig Roberts, published on ‘King World News (KWN)‘ provides a comprehensive overview of the Ukraine situation and its direct relationship to the Western determination to dominate Russia. 180 more words

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Some Thoughts On Russia

There are several things going on with Russia right now. Connecting them all together is an interesting exercise. I’ve collected several links about it, unfortunately spread over a half dozen browsers on three platforms, a couple of which are no longer available, plus many saved onto a USB drive that is a bit hard to search. 3,592 more words

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I am excited about reblogging this post. E.M.Smith presents an intelligent, well researched, well assessed, well written and educational treatise on what could be termed, "Current Empire Building - State of the World". I hope readers gain a lot from this, it certainly has a great deal to offer! What he titles "thoughts on Russia" is so much more than that! "And on the side, we have the USA. Pot stirring. Going on adventures (often ill advised). Nice cash cow to be milked by all. But increasingly a decrepit thing. Manufacture pretty much off to China other than very specialized things, or things with very high shipping costs or very small scale. Oh, and Subsidy Queens like GM. Lead by a toothless and often clueless wonder, who mostly doesn’t understand at all how an economy works, what strategic thinking is, or how military power really ought to be used. Looking for political advantage, not strategic advantage. " What an enormous understatement - US "pot stirring" when it really entails serious interference in sovereign countries per invasion, infiltration, security breaching, collusion with enemies, torture, homeland bankruptcy and creation of a police state (a fascist one at that) - the list goes on.

Is Anything Considered Racism, Or Promoting Hatred In Canada Other Than Anti-Semitism ?

 What exactly is considered racist, or hate talk in Canada and is there really anyway to stop it? Is it politically motivated and driven? Can, or is our government doing enough to eradicate it?  1,836 more words

4-star: ISIS recruiting in Afghanistan, Pakistan

By Michelle Tan, Staff Writer 4:10 p.m. EST January 15, 2015

(Photo: AP Photo/Raqqa Media Center of the Islamic State group)

The Islamic State terror group is recruiting in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the top U.S. 240 more words

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Grandmaster Putin’s Trap

I expect that a few people already realize the ploy of reducing oil prices at the behest of the US and its controllers is to weaken Russia’s economy and subdue it into submission to the will of the NWO Cabal. 731 more words

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Now Hear This! - "Australian government exploits Paris attacks"

How much lateral thinking does it take to consider this as a questionable reaction to an overseas “terrorist” activity, especially one that is being seriously questioned as a political ploy. 1,313 more words

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