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Operation Deuce

It was 2005 and I was in Iraq.  I don’t remember where we were driving to because we used to play a game in the trucks where the driver would floor it into the biggest possible pothole to see if they could get the passenger’s head to hit the truck ceiling, and I’m pretty sure I have brain damage.   1,122 more words



I never thought I would say this: the controversy about Brian Williams has made me miss the Vietnam War. I miss the reporters who really went there, went there to report. 478 more words


Global: How we all hate to love and love to hate thee

Hey Clashers, Lew Here.

I have been mystified more and more by the behaviors in global. That oddly censored and seemingly ONLY way to find new members in a random, haphazard and demolition derby fashion. 2,061 more words


Pro Tip: War Raid Practice

Liking a new strategy you read about on here or global? Wanna test it out for war? Well, that is a capital idea and one that is smart planning. 156 more words

Clash Of Clans

Progress Report

“Have you finished the book?” It was the first thing Fred said when he saw me one day and he followed it up with, “I’m going to ask you that every time I see you.” 671 more words

War Stories

Foxholes and Protests

I used to be annoyed with Mark’s friends and family for not at least trying to talk him out of going to war in Vietnam and then going back for a second tour. 540 more words


Honor: An Afghan Story

A young woman, just a girl really, falls in love with a young man in her village and the two start seeing each other secretly, without their parents’ knowledge. 1,802 more words

Mental Health