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Syrian Arab Army Reports ~ Syrian Armed Forces marked Independence Day, terrorists killed in different areas

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Syrian Armed Forces mark Independence Day

The Army and Armed Forces marked the 69th anniversary of Syria’s independence and the evacuation of French occupation, pledging to continue along the footsteps of their forefathers who sacrificed much for Syria’s independence, sovereignty, and unity. 2,547 more words


Syrian Rebels Caught in ‘False-Flag’ Kidnapping

By Robert Parry

Global Research, April 18, 2015

Consortium News 16 April 2015

Richard Engel, NBC’s chief foreign correspondent.

In December 2012, Syria’s U.S.-backed “moderate” rebels pulled off a false-flag kidnapping and “rescue” of NBC’s chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel and his crew, getting the crime blamed on a militia tied to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a propaganda scam that NBC played along with despite having evidence of the truth. 1,581 more words


The Unveiling of Israel’s Hidden Alliance With Al-Qaeda in Syria

Posted on April 16, 2015

by Richard Edmondson

Sedki al-Meket, a member of the Druze community in the Golan Heights, reportedly imprisoned and tortured by Israel for spilling the beans on the Jewish state’s secret alliance with Al-Nusra. 3,344 more words

War On Syria

Saudi “Martyr” Required for One Million Riyals

Local Editor

Israa al-Fass

Whom will the Saudi journalist Dawood al-Shiryan insult this time by saying: “You have deceived our sons.” You escaped punishment in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria “but this time you will not escape”? 918 more words


Syrian army advances in Idlib; discovers terrorists with israeli equipment

Syrian army advances in Idlib; discovers `rebels’ with Israeli equipment

SyriaSyrian government forces continue to gain ground in their fight against foreign-backed armed groups, and have taken full control of two villages in the northwest of the conflict-stricken Arab country. 304 more words

War On Syria


In Gaza

Given the immense amount of lies and war-mongering prevalent not only in the corporate media/MSM but also amongst Palestine supporters who either unknowingly have got the story of Yarmouk wrong or, worse, are collaborating with the war-mongerers against Syria, and thus against Palestine… I’ve collated some important articles for anyone who is genuinely interested in understanding what is happening in the Yarmouk district of Damascus and how this came to be. 315 more words


Richard Engel and the "bad Assad" propaganda stories that built the case for the war on Syria

The Richard Engel Kidnapping Fake – MoA

The Richard Engel Kidnapping Fake – MoA Scooped MSM By 28 Month

The veil is lifting a bit over the slew of the “bad Assad” propaganda stories that built the case for the war on Syria. 984 more words