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The War on Drugs på Arena

Den första riktiga nattspelningen på festivalområdet stod Philadelphiabandet The War on Drugs för. Arenas tält var välfyllt och temperaturen hade äntligen smugit sig ner under 20-gradersstrecket nu när solen gått ner. 244 more words


The War On Some Drugs

Source: InternationalMan.com, by Doug Casey

Drugs are a charged subject everywhere. Longtime readers know that although I personally abstain from drugs and generally eschew the company of users, I think they should be 100% legal. 518 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

For the "Change We Can Believe In" file

Progress of a sort:

Miami-Dade County commissioners have passed a new ordinance that alters the county’s regulations for possession of marijuana.

Instead of issuing criminal charges, officers’ will now have the discretion to give a civil citation if the carrier is using the 20 grams of pot for personal use.

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Baltimore City Council Calls Out Police For Fake Gang Threat

Source: The Daily Sheeple

I’m sure many of you remember what happened after the death of Freddie Gray, and the riots and protests that followed. However, one of the details surrounding those events stands out for being particularly outrageous. 396 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Study estimates sugary drinks more deadly than violent crime in Mexico

Allison Jackson reports for Global Post:

‘Mexico is renowned for being one of the most dangerous countries in the world, so it might sound strange to hear that sugary drinks pose a bigger threat to life here than violent crime. 163 more words


Marijuana Legalized in Oregon

Oregon has joined the collective of states that have legalized marijuana, a step in the right direction.

Though I myself am not a drinker nor a smoker, I understand that criminal sanctions against the use of pot cause more problems than they solve (as seen in the War on Drugs, and the thousands of people in jail for years on simple possession). 52 more words

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