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Drugs - Why They Should Be Legal

Over 10 thousand deaths per year and with more than 51 billion dollars being spent annually against the war on drugs in the United States alone. 343 more words


Washington D.C. Legalizes Marijuana

Washington D.C. announced that they have legalized the possession of Marijuana as long as it is under 2 oz. and allowing for citizens to grow a certain amount of plants in their home. 468 more words

Current Events

Bill Clinton to Mexico, 'Our bad'

H/t Huff Post

During a recent trip to Mexico, President Bubba apologized for the insane amount of narco traffickers in their country. It was just that the US just did too much of good job in taking away air and sea drug transport. 44 more words


The Best Albums of 2014

I don’t know if there is something in the water, but I really, firmly, without remorse, believe 2014 was one of the strongest offerings in music history. 14,168 more words


Police State: Reporters Knowingly Neglected to Report Black Site Homan Square

Following yesterday’s Guardian revelation of the Chicago Police operated ‘Black Site’ Homan Square, a local justice group claims that Chicago reporters knew of Homan Square and decided against reporting. 41 more words


Russell Brand discusses marijuana

Russell Brand is one hell of a human being. Smart, funny and all round positive vibrations emitting from the chap. Obviously good old pot is in the news quite a bit these days. 60 more words