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When invaders freed and armed American slaves

Excellent essay by Andrew Cockburn, published in Harper’s 2014 September, pp. 44-48, as “Washington is Burning: Two Centuries of Racial Tribulation in the Nation’s Capital”.  Boldface mine. 4,253 more words

bloody bloody caricature of the citizen soldier

This Daily Beast call to strip Andrew Jackson off the $20 is way overdue:

it doesn’t stop with the Trail of Tears. The military record that made Jackson a “war hero”?

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After the Burn

When last we saw President James Madison, it was August 26, 1814 and he was in Brookeville, Maryland. The British had set the White House ablaze and the President, after fleeing the Battle of Bladensburg with the defeated American troops and wandering for two days through Virginia and Maryland, had ended up in Brookeville and spent the night. 693 more words

Washington DC

What's There All to Do In My Home Village?

I live in one of those villages where you do not want to blink while driving through, otherwise you might miss it.  And people do drive through by the hundreds, mostly commuters during weekdays, and on the weekend, it is the motorists on their way to the cottage.  786 more words


USS Constitution Commemorates 200th Anniversary of Dual Victory over Royal Navy

CHARLESTOWN, Mass. (NNS) — The crew of USS Constitution commemorated the bicentennial of Old Ironsides’ final battle during the War of 1812, her unprecedented dual-victory over Royal Navy ships HMS Cyane and HMS Levant, on Friday, Feb. 802 more words

The War of 1812 finds the Mennonites

After 1793 Quakers, Mennonites and Tunkers (Brethren in Christ) in Upper Canada could avoid militia service if they were willing to pay an annual fine. This was similar to arrangements that existed in the United States. 801 more words


Battle Bicentennial Brings Exhibits, Special Events

Last week I posted to my personal Facebook page a profile photo of myself taken during my recent visit to New Orleans. So many people have asked about it that I thought I’d tell you about the place where the photo was made and why I was there. 951 more words

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