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MM - Overflow (I Need You)

It felt like another song week.  This one is close to my heart because of who and why it was written.

I have a wonderful friend in South Dakota who owns my favorite coffee shop in the world. 266 more words


Good (Hu)Man Tools

Sometimes, things can get on top of us. But fear no men (and women reading) there are a few good tools to help us crawl out of a hole. 204 more words


Into These Feelings - 5/21/15

A glimpse.


brought to you in current day.

But, brought to you by what?

What entity is sending you barreling, uncharted and spinning,

into these feelings. 6 more words

Really More Like It - 5/20/15

It disguises as loyalty;

so, but maybe it’s just a willingness to please.

To, value a favorable view above a satisfaction of essence.

Cowardice is really more like it.

10 day you challenge. Day 4: 7 wants.

Continuing with the 10 day you challenge. I had to really think about what it was that I wanted the most out of life. I’m sure that a lot of people would have said that they wanted money or material things but, even though having a huge house and loads of money in the bank would be pretty awesome and not something I would ever refuse if offered to me, all I really want in life is for myself and the people who I love to be happy and comfortable. 237 more words

10 Day You Challenge

Motherhood (poem)

Eulogised over centuries
A job not easy to do
It comes with no mannuals, tips or clues

To be responsible for another life
The shaping of a future… 402 more words