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Tarot! And a sukkah! Four of wands.

Because I’m sorry, that is clearly a sukkah, with or without walls.  Which is fine — lots of cultures have a similar sort of harvest festival, so I’m not feeling like this is to appropriationist.   99 more words

Tarot, but even more so -- Three of Wands

It’s the ciiiiircle of life!!!!!!  . . . is all I can think when I look at this.  That movie would have gone very differently if it had been about a tribe of tiny owls.

If Ollivanders Crafted Canes

If you can’t escape winter physically, you can at least take a vacation mentally. Let’s travel to Diagon Alley and go shopping. Those familiar with Harry Potter already understand the magical power of a wand purchased from Ollivanders. 214 more words

Low Vision

Free style wand duelling at the Wizards' Camp in Korea

One of the final, and most entertaining, projects I did at the CWC Wizards’ Camp in Korea was “Wand Duelling.” I’ve only done this a few times before, because it involves a lot of my brain power. 145 more words


More Tarot - the Ace of Wands.

I hope y’all like this style, because I’m already up to the five of wands, so it’s too late if you don’t.  Some of these will be based heavily on Rider-Waite again; some will be a little more silly.   76 more words

Five of Wands with Two of Pentacles

One of the most tear-jerkingly beautiful aspects of the internet is the fact that it is a bastion of steadfast opinions and convictions. At any time when there’s that little argumentative tickle waving a feather across your uvula you can hop online, sling your bag of world view talking points over your shoulder, and wander the landscapes of Twitter and Facebook and the comment sections of blogs and articles to scatter your seeds of stalwart convictions on all things political, social, and ethical. 435 more words

The Tarot Of Manifestation

I Am Reasonably Certain A Security Guard Stole My Chapstick, & Other Stuff

I am sitting outside courtroom 158 typing this on a cell phone that autocorrects every other word I type, and with a suspiciously high number of bad words or indelicate subjects when it does, I might add. 1,047 more words

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