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Fire Burns

My passion burns bright

As I learn to use power

To create and heal


Two of Wands - Partnership


This card typically portrays a robed character, usually male, staring out over a large body of water from a castle. He is holding a globe in his hand, symbolizing the endless possibilities that lie at his fingertips. 254 more words


Daily Card - Six of Wands

Element wise, the six of wands is a well balanced card. There’s air in the sky above, there’s greenery and rocks on the earth below, there’s water on the path in front of them, and there’s six wands. 127 more words


Reflections on The Seven of Wands

From today’s one-card reading . . .

Q: What is the best way, at this stage of my life, to express love unto others?

A: 394 more words


Reflections on The Two of Cups

Q: What is my purpose in life today?

A: This.

As with all of the Twos in the Minor Arcana, this card speaks to us in the language of dualities. 328 more words


COTD 25.05.15: Feeling a bit Wishy Washy...

Today’s COTD is the 2 of Wands

You can’t always do everything yourself, it might feel like to you can,  but today may be one of those days when you feel the pressure.   61 more words


Reflection on The Four of Wands

Regular visitors to this site may recall the unusual situation in which I found myself yesterday—namely, wondering how and why a prospective employer who reached out to… 390 more words