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What I learned about fairy tales from my child

Our little family of three went to watch Disney’s new rendition of Cinderella at the cinemas last weekend. I was as excited as Re was. How would she be? 929 more words


Strength with Three of Wands

Carrie Fisher was quoted as saying “Instant gratification takes too long.” For all of you folks that believe patience is that unattainable pie-in-the-sky dessert only consumable by the virtuous, this post is for you. 548 more words

The Tarot Of Manifestation

Daily Meditation - Ten of Wands

Today the postman delivered the Fenestra Tarot, which I had been debating about buying for some time. I really like the artwork, but I wasn’t sure about all the borders. 382 more words


Knight of Wands (reversed): a Stick-in-the-Mud

 My first impression, after turning this card, is of a joust gone wrong. Not a little wrong, but the sort of wrong that makes it an excellent comedy. 316 more words


Daily Tarot 3/27/15

10 of Wands

The weekend is near but the work isn’t over quite yet. You’ll start to feel weary, overworked, or like you are carrying too much. 208 more words


Why Wands

As I’m starting the process of resurrecting my crafting business from the limbo it has been been in. I’m starting with some simple and quick projects.  277 more words


Ace of Wands: Bursting Forth

Wands or Staves are the suit of energy, passion, fire and desire. In aces we see the very first spark of this idea, and it sets off with a BANG! 409 more words

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