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March 28, 2015

Every day I choose a deck, shuffle, ask the cards to tell me what I need to know today, and then I choose three cards. 111 more words

Cosmic Tarot

TCOTD - King Wands - 18-4-15

Sometimes, life is a struggle. Today its worth remembering that it may be easier to go where its cosiest, but that it doesn’t always help us to progress. 17 more words



Today was my last day at the library, a day that came a little bit sooner than I’d anticipated. It was strange, but it seemed like everyone was there today, which isn’t usually the case. 1,080 more words


Reflections on The Prince of Wands

In recent weeks I’ve been dealing a number of single-card “spreads” for my own reflection. This is something I’d rarely ever done in the past, preferring the more complex and nuanced interpretations that a multi-card spread can provide. 944 more words


Two Wands: Opportunity

Twos are the number of union, while Wands or Staves are the suit that symbolizes the element of Fire, representing energy, passion, and the desire that drives humanity. 415 more words


Red Maple Wand #3

Hand carved Red Maple ritual wand.  Representing spiritual healing, travelers,  knowledge and communication this wand will be a wonderful companion to the one it calls to.  83 more words


The Walking Stick

No, not the one ‘old’ people use – the one ‘wiser’ ones do.

Everybody needs one. The sooner we accept the fact the better. This shouldn’t be related to the ‘coolness’ factor we ‘younger’ generation tend to associate ourselves to. 394 more words

Weekly 'Shonin Jump'