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Photo book: 13 pictures to inspire a motorcycle trip around Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang — an area that was once a simple settlement of a few small fishing villages — is rowdy. Though its beginnings were modest, vacation goers couldn’t shake the affect of the seas siren song, and soon the stunning bay and white sand beaches were home to stripped beach towels in bold hues, swanky resorts, and Speedo clad Russians partaking in a multi-city cruise and sweating beer buckets. 220 more words


Dear Auto-correct,

Please stop messing with my curse words, you mother forklift.


Til Next Time

I’ve arrived in Beijing very late or very early in the morning 0200. My hotel reception decided to leave the hotel just right as my taxi dropped me off. 1,298 more words

The Solo Wanderlust

Songs to Inspire Adventure

By Amy Grady

I am a strong believer that music makes the world go round. It has the ability to make us feel things that nothing else can. 481 more words


Weekly photo challenge: Enveloped

Envelope; verb (used with object), enveloped, enveloping.
  1. to surround entirely.

Lately, I haven’t gone out to take decent photos. So for this week photo challenge, I decided to post pictures I took when I was… 69 more words


Bird-watching in Taman Burung, Jakarta

Taman Burung, which basically means Bird Park in Indonesian, is a park set within Taman Mini. Taman Mini has several parks for which you have to pay a separate entrance fee. 386 more words


Iceland - Part I - RKV - Reykjavik

I’ve broken my 2013 trip to Iceland down into three segments. The first will speak to Reykjavik, the second to the Golden Circle, and the final to the South and the Blue Lagoon. 1,122 more words