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Amer Fort - Rajasthan, India

Got there early morning just when they opened (Elephants stop going up to the fort after 11am) hopped on an elephant and rode to the top of the fort. 130 more words



If I had saved all the money I used for travelling, I could be a millionaire in no time. But I would rather travel and see the world than be a millionaire that hid in my own world.


Hello world!

Welcome to my travel diaries! I wanted a platform to share all the moments and landscapes I have captured with my camera over the years, and here it is. 63 more words



Under three weeks so everything is finally getting real. I’m actually going back to Aussie like I’ve wanted to ever since I left. Stressed, anxious, pumped and a million other words could be used to describe my emotions. 445 more words


Reminiscing About Barcelona

Looking back at my previous holiday photos is making want to go away again!

I went to Barcelona earlier this year for a short break (2 nights) which was a lovely getaway but it’s simply not long enough. 340 more words

Lake Atitlan: Santa Cruz

I took a shuttle from the quiet city of Antigua for the two hour drive through the mountain country side to reach Lake Atitlan. The drive was captivating and I couldn’t take my eyes from the road, starring out bright eyed as the sights blurred past me: mountains surrounded us on all sides, farms were scattered here and there, hardy crops of maiz perched on steep slopes, the occasional small village, and now and then plumes of smoke from small rubbish fires dotted the distance. 2,520 more words

Immigration Lawyers Will Be The Death Of Me

So, after 3 years of generally care free living and exciting world wide escapades, most involving alcohol and sports, I now find myself having to be somewhat of a grown up. 509 more words