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the start of something new


i’m shelby rose. before i dive in, here’s a little bit about myself; i’m a psychology major at colorado state university, journalism enthusiast, photography devotee, avid instagram poster, fashion lover, and pinterest/tumblr geek. 178 more words


The Wanderlust Gene

Anyone out there with the wanderlust gene as well? Just read an article about it few days ago and I just thought: “this is me!”.  I love being home and travel home to my parents, just doing nothing – but I also totally love exploring the world. 234 more words

#WFL Presents: Travel Advice For Aspiring World Travelers Vol. 3

First, thank you for sending in your questions to the #WFL team! We received a lot of questions from aspiring travelers and we will try our best to answer all of them in the coming weeks! 1,718 more words

2 Years After: The London Olympics

”1-5-8 to… Stratford.” I will never forget that nasal voice sounding over the speaker system. Bus 158 is the bus that runs from Chingford Mount to Stratford. 827 more words


Warsaw: Hilton Convention Center

Another great journey is about to begin. Before doing a tour through the United States, we decided to spend a night in Warsaw at the Hilton Convention Center. 18 more words


Let's Be Adventurers, Darling 

Off to San Francisco for the weekend to scope out law school with my best friend…Because I can’t attend unless I have a BF stamp of approval. 61 more words

Sushi 101 at La Fresca

Sea weed wraps? Check!
Sushi rice? Check!
Veggies? Check!
Soy Sauce? Check!
Salmon, tuna, octopus? Che–Wait, octopus?!

Welcome to Spanish Sushi 101 at La Fresca Bar in Madrid. 642 more words