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Amsterstam was our first hit of European craziness.

We rushed down a complimentary breakfast in our London hotel lobby, jumped on our new tour bus and headed off to Kings Cross station. 88 more words


Kangaroo Country: Pebbly Beach, NSW

For those who hope to find themselves exploring Australia one day, be sure to visit Pebbly Beach.  You’ll be able to check kangaroo encounters off your Aussie bucket list. 142 more words


Fitful thoughts

I sat there staring at the rain outside. I sat against the foggy glass in my hotel room. I am always in hotel rooms. Staring outside like a gorilla in a cage, a very expensive cage. 215 more words



London is an inspiring place.

I took these photos while on a family trip during the english summer. 25 more words


Into the Woods

Yesterday, J and I took a nice leisurely walk with our pup to the dog park. Even though it was fairly hot outside, I really enjoyed getting away from our home space and outside of my head for a change. 523 more words

lagging. And I'm still confused as ever.

My apologies – I have been lagging in this journal.

But see, this is what happens to you when you are out and about living your life. 533 more words


"Work Will Set You Free" - Topdeck Day 3

We’re currently on the bus having just left Dachau, and I’m going to be real with you: I’m pretty shaken up.  I expected to be of course, but still. 406 more words