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Wisconsin - Madison (again)

Madison, Wisconsin is one of  my favorite places in the world.  I lived here 10 years ago.  I  love to come back to visit the area and my friends.  80 more words

Eileen Newman

#Wandering with the Bills!

Here’s my take at the Bills schedule and complimentary events that can turn your weekend into an experience.

Week 1 – Indianapolis

Catch the Syracuse vs Wake Forest game over in Syracuse.   518 more words


evening wandering

These are from Friday evening’s wandering that featured a cramique, my camera, and a part of the 7e that we’ve never really walked through. 94 more words


The Wandering

Mind flutters in all directions when I think about stepping out, moving away from the crowd, a voluntary retirement.

As a child, I never knew how much of a trouble I was creating for myself by being “that” kid in the classroom, yes, “that” kid who needs more friends but does not wish to work for friendship. 446 more words


Captain's Blog #1 - A Rough Journey

This is the blog of Captain Marilyn Monster. Current position: Lost in the sea of life. Time: Way too late.

A few days ago, it hit me. 447 more words


Chuva de Estrelas Púpidas

O History Chanel anunciou que nessa noite de sexta feira, dia 24 de abril, aconteceria uma chuva de estrelas púpidas. “As Púpidas derivam de restos desprendidos do cometa 26P/Grigg-Skjellerup, que, ao ingressar na atmosfera terrestre, emite luzes de tom amarelado” 565 more words