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Budapest: One of Europe's Most Underrated Cities

There’s a usual style to my blogs; because the intention of starting this blog was to update my family and friends back home with the things I’ve been doing while in Europe. 2,451 more words


July 4, 2015

A start of the day, showertime!

That’s a nice surprise, Mistress Julia at visit *smirks*


A little talk with Jo, Sammy and Cheryl in the front of my house… 25 more words

Second Life

Scenes From Lately 07.05.2015

I’m still going through my moment of food blogger utter slackness with regards to not making a single photo of anything I’ve been cooking. To compensate, here are some scenes from lately courtesy of… 250 more words


Berlin Day 14

Soooo it’s a bit of a slow start today, I technically only got home in the very early (sun was well and truely up) hours of the morning. 937 more words


Still Life | Breathing

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By lolupan

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Still Life

July 3, 2015

A little talk and tied up for Sammy *smirks*

A green Cheryl, Ack… How to do? Read here

Nice conversation with Cheryl and Sammy *smiles*

Second Life