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She cringed as she inhaled another breath heavy with the tangy smell of chemicals. They’d used some floral shampoo scent to mask the bleach and failed tremendously, only creating a smell that would linger in her subconscious for years and leave her with an aversion to freesia. 326 more words

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Kemudian, kegelisahan itu berlanjut.
Ada masa ketika rasa itu menjadi hampa.
Ada masa ketika hasrat menyala.
Sesaat ingin berada dalam keriuhan yang penuh gelak tawa. 265 more words


A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 - I Wonder

I wonder what the outcome of the journey will be.

It’s a road never traveled before.

Mountains and valleys—a roller coaster ride.

Full of surprises that can’t be foreseen so planning’s gone by the wayside. 34 more words

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North Post

I find myself finding my way back ‘home’ that being northwestern BC, even though, I no longer live there. My family doesn’t hold any property in the area, which feels disorienting, but the views always belonged to everyone, and they’re always welcoming when I get to go back. 784 more words


10 Things I Loved About Traveling Solo

Back in March, I had the chance to travel to Israel for the third time in a year. Like the previous trips, I went with a group where some unknown individual coordinated hotels, bus routes, a tour guide, and even my eating schedule. 1,109 more words

flyover state

Stepping off of the gravel and into the weeds at the side of the road, she tied back her tangled mass of hair. She hit her keys to check that her car was locked and heard it honk at her as though giving its blessing for her to wander. 319 more words

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