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Magic of making wands!

My mom inspired me to make wands after watching her make wands for my Hogwarts themed homeschool group. The other night two of the three gerbils I have got in a fight and one broke his arm. 159 more words

Allergy Proof Your Home Today!

One way to allergy proof your home is by dusting smarter.

Many professionals say that dusting the family home should be done at least once a week to remove allergens from surfaces. 21 more words

Yer A Wizard, Meg

I am pretty stoked to have started this journey. My soul is just craving art these days, and to integrate art inspiration and reading one of the best things that I have ever read. 723 more words

Harry Potter

Adler Tree

The alder tree is highly water-resistant, and as such was used by ancient Europeans to build edifices near or under water. Its power in magic is its resiliency. 121 more words


Swedish Death Candy - 'It Won't Be Long'

  As ‘It Won’t Be Long’ opens it immediately reminds me of Dead Meadow’s ‘Sleepy Silver Door’ – a track I love so much that I’ve been known to air guitar along to the track whenever it’s brought up in conversation – but it soon becomes obvious that… 54 more words

Three Beams


Expensive mascara? False! Expensive brush! It’s the brush that’s costing you the the expensive mascara… Reuse your mascara brush by rinsing your brush in hot water to get rid of clumps and you can save money! 8 more words

Track of the Day: Flying Golum - WAND

Los Angeles-based Psychedelic-Rock band WAND are on tour to support their debut release Ganglion Reef out now on Ty Segall‘s Drag City Records imprint, God? 46 more words