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The Mystery of the Cussing Baby...

Soon after I came downstairs after my shower today, my daughter informed me that the baby, 3 years old, had cussed!

My daughter said she had taken a movie out of the machine when it had ended, and had switched over to a kids TV station, which was on a commercial break, when Tiana said loudly and clearly, “Son of a Bitch!” 582 more words

Various Thoughts And Meditations

Not Dead; Just Pregnant! (Favorite Budget Maternity Finds!)

There’s been a lot going on here in the last few months…

We’re pregnant! Tuesday will make 16 weeks, putting us into the second trimester and taking out us out of the major danger zone for miscarriages by a couple of weeks. 907 more words

Joy in the Crazy Journey

Wow! Today is the first day in over week that I have felt really good!  Praise the Lord for HE is good! So even though it is Saturday, I went in to the office for a couple of hours to get caught up.   634 more words

Dear Walmart, You Can Suck It

I do not really like shopping at Walmart. I won’t go as far say that I pretty much hate walmart, but I do however will say that walmart is not really my choice of place to go shopping. 983 more words


Changing world

IMAGINE MY GLEE on seeing our high mountain lake through the window of the second-class (or was it third?) bus we took from the state capital to the Hacienda, the final leg of our return trip from Mexico City, on Friday. 566 more words


Left flat: A rant

See what I’m doing?

The two by two hands of blue are a dead giveaway: I’m mixing up a little batch of epoxy for that motor mount. 773 more words


Walmart, West Boylston, MA

A Bulldog, Wearing Western Garb (Complete With a Ten-Gallon Hat), For Sale in the Garden Center at the Walmart in West Boylston, MA Last Summer