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U-M Hockey Player Taking Heat For Trying To Sell Baby Wallaby Online [VIDEO]

By Dan Jenkins

The University of Michigan….Wallabies?

The little marsupial spent some time as an unofficial mascot over the past week, as players from the Michigan football and hockey teams showed off their new “pet” on social media. 234 more words


Never a dull moment

It’s been a long time between blogs but here I am again. There’s a lot happening in my world – from a potential new job to Airbnb visitors (the first since Easter), getting my shower fixed, my car serviced, my teeth filled, quite a bit of work and deadlines, deadlines, deadlines (luckily I am a big forward planner) as well as lots of family stuff and overseas phone calls. 881 more words


Lefty Kangaroos?

If you ever find yourself in a boxing match with a kangaroo, watch out for its left hook. A Russian biologist named Yegor Malashichev says that the marsupials tend to be left-handed—or rather, left-pawed. 130 more words

Interesting Things

(Review) Moonlit Sanctuary

Musim liburan sekolah sudah tiba!!

Mungkin ada yang ingin mengunjungi Melbourne, Australia? Well, Mei kemarin, saya, Poento, Citra dan Abib sempat datang kesana. Dan, karena bawa anak kecil, maka itinerary perjalanan enggak bisa lepas dari kegiatan outdoor, permainan anak dan tentunya…binatang. 884 more words


see these nails darling?

This wallaby certainly displayed some attitude when I ventured up the path into ‘its’ domain. She seems to be saying, ‘see these nails darling, see these nails’. :D


174 - Sketches and Wallaby

I’m still sketching for the Every Day in June challenge, but mine is now only an occasional  sketch in June. I don’t seem to be able to do these daily sketches if I have other stuff that needs doing. 89 more words


ACT Wildlife - A visit to Mulligans Flat

Last weekend was a long weekend, and I went to Canberra to visit some friends (for non-Australians: Canberra is Australia’s capital city and is located in the Australian Capital Territory, usually referred to as the ACT). 1,083 more words