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7 Exotic Pets That Are Legal To Own

Want a pet, but looking for something a bit more uncommon than a cat or dog? There are a number of “wild” animals that people keep as pets — take a look at some of the more common ones, and find out whether they’re legal to own in your state! 603 more words


Gardens and such at The Writer's Room.

A bit rushed this week, there’s been gardening and ANZAC Day and a multitude of little jobs to complete. I took this last week just after sunup, the mist retreated and clung to the mountain like fairy floss. 365 more words

Not-So-Itty Knitting

So if you’ve been watching on Facebook, you’ll know I’ve been chipping away at a little winter cardigan for Piper. It’s a cute Tikki Knits… 811 more words

Impractical Parenting Almanac

Tanks for the memories at The Writer's Room.

I had to jostle with other photographers to get a shot of the sunset at Cleveland Point last week. Sadly more clouds came in and blotted it out altogether. 319 more words

Monochrome Madness 2-7

Last year whilst in South Wales (UK not NSW!), we visited Manor House Wildlife Park. It is a small zoo run with conservation as a high priority.   104 more words


Horse One on the Run!!! Carnage expected!!!

News last night reached the Daily that Marl Bennett (better known as Horse One) has escaped from his secure cell in New Zealand and has swum across to Australia where he’s embarked on a spree of abuse, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Jimmy Savile found himself as the guest star on 90s TV show “Children’s Ward”. 480 more words