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Carley Plays Myst (Again), Part 1: Getting Our Bearings, or, A Bunch Of Marker Switches and Dudes In Books

What you’re about to read is part one of something that’s a little bit walkthrough, a little bit Let’s Play, and a whole lot of nostalgia.   2,219 more words



The owl will set you on your path

So your adventure begins. When you go to leave you will be interrupted by a nosy owl. He seems to know a lot about what you’re going to do. 141 more words


Poisoning the Well | Shadow of Mordor Walkthrough | Part 10

In this episode of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, I follow my sexy friend Hirgon into the Uruk camp to rescue his wife, gather some weeds to poison some beer, stealth kill as many Uruks as possible and, surprisingly, don’t completely screw up the mission. 45 more words


It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Lottery | Fallout New Vegas Weekly | Part 8

In this Friday’s episode of Fallout New Vegas Weekly, I completely give up on my quest to Novac, meet up with the NCR outpost to pick up some quests, get formerly introduced to the creepy-mc-creeperson that is Caesar’s Legion, and complain about my limited inventory. 50 more words


Mass Effect 1 play through

Hey guys I will be putting together a play through of Mass Effect. Check here for updated videos!

When in doubt blow it up!


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When you arrive, you will find some enemies similar to the ones you fought before arriving. Keep your distance and attack when they stretch out. 1,162 more words