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Bouldering and diversions in Croasdale.

I can’t believe that the last time I was up here was Nov 2012, where does time go? Of course I did little last year. 630 more words


Stick to the plan, Julia!

Sunday 29th June 2015

This afternoon I took Jez for a walk at Lychett Bay. It was the newest walk that I had taken Max on a couple of weeks ago, so Jez hadn’t been there before. 372 more words


The hot weather doesn't allow much action.

I had planned to mow my lawn today but I’m not sure it is such a good idea when it is way over 24C (75,2F) already at 7:30 am :-) It was so warm in my cottage last night that it actually feels chilly with 24C :-) I have to say that I slept rather well though, despite the heat and woke up as I always do around 4am not feeling tired. 1,381 more words

This And That.

Leaves and Light

The shadow patterns on these leaves in the sunlight may be obvious shots to take but that didn’t make the sight of them catching my eye on my woodland walk any less enjoyable.



She was jumping. Her leaps were not high enough so she grabbed stilts. Out of nervousness her legs began to shake which caused the stilts to break. 213 more words

Pic d'Artsinol (Walk 22)

The Pic d’Artsinol is 2,998 metres high, so I guess it’s not surprising that the cross on the top is marked with a line saying 3,000m !  96 more words


Vacation time.

I think it might be even hotter today but it is impossible to say since the thermometer just now shows how warm it is in the sunshine on the north side of the cottage :-) We’re all rather calm and most sleep on the spot they find coolest, well not all because Sune sit in the sunlight out in the garden :-) He had a bath in the creek to be honest so I guess the remaining dampness in his fur might cool him down still. 507 more words

This And That.