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One In The Spirit

There will be times in our lives wherein what we have within us is not enough to carry us through whatever station of life we are in. 268 more words


Common Sense - faults

I need this reminder often, how about you?

It’s good to be able to recognize our faults, but if we stop there, we can get stuck in sin, and one of two things can happen, depending on our personality, circumstances, and habits; Either we become despondent and down on ourselves, stuck in pessimism that we know we are at fault, but “this is just the way we are”, and change is impossible, or we become apathetic, tune out the cognitive disonance that happens inside our spirit (which is at war with our flesh), convince our conscience that it doesn’t matter, God understands (stepping back from the bolt of lightening!), and keep on doing what satisfies our natural man instead of addressing and repenting of sin and walking in the Spirit. 321 more words

Pocket Momma

The Work of the Holy Spirit

The dynamic of the believer’s spiritual walk is predicated to a certain degree on how much Bible knowledge resides in his soul. He cannot live what he does not know, and knowing God’s word necessarily precedes living His will. 1,077 more words

Christian Theology

The Beam and The Yoke


“Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.

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Be Lead By Holy Spirit - Renewal

Unbelievers, are dead to God so when the gospel are spoken about to unbelievers then they do not receive it because their spiritual state is dead to the things of God. 267 more words

Sunday Service

Pursuing God

One of the pursuits in life we should be more than passionate about is our pursuit of God. Our passion for both God and the things of God should consume us… 149 more words


In Step with the Spirit

Raise your hand if you’re a planner. Anyone out there like to be organized and know what’s going to happen next? Even if you’re more laid back and “go with the flow,” many of us don’t like surprises. 646 more words

Daily Life With God