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Pharaoh's Daughter, Kim Kardashian, and the Courage to Defy Expectations

Scripture:  Exodus 2:1-10
Note:  This was the fourth and final sermon in a series on “Unsung Heroes of the Exodus”.  The series focused on the Hebrew Midwives (Shiphrah and Puah), Miriam, Moses’s mom Jochebed, and Pharaoh’s daughter. 1,772 more words


24/05/15 Up Periscope

Well really…you’ve just cheapened yourself with those tawdry thoughts…
Whoops, sorry, that was me taking any opportunity for a schoolboy gag…

Anyway, back to the actual story. 259 more words

Mental Health

Walk A Mile

You never know what a person is going through till you walk a mile in their shoes. Have you ever really thought about what this means. 242 more words

Invitation to step out against domestic abuse

The men and women of Tamworth are being invited to swap shoes and walk a mile – all to raise money for a domestic abuse charity. 381 more words


Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

Theta Upsilon participated in the annual Walk a Mile in Their Shoes event on Wednesday.

Every year the Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands hosts this event to raise awareness and funds to support services for survivors of sexual violence across the Midlands. 39 more words

Review: WALK A MILE by Sarah Madison

Walk a Mile by Sarah Madison

Dreamspinner Press (October 2014) Gay romance/suspense/sci-fi

My standard of a good series is whether the story arc makes sense no matter where you start. 812 more words

The Book Breeze

Walk a mile in my shoes

I spent today at a local BiO Science conference. Unlike some I don’t find science conflicting with my faith, I see it as proof that God exists. 477 more words